Visual Argument ~ Tony Shilling

In response to the PSA: Weapon, I have illustrated what I believe to the be the point the Ad Council is attempting to drive home.

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2 Responses to Visual Argument ~ Tony Shilling

  1. davidbdale says:

    That’s terrific, Tony. You’re so right about the tone of this promotion. Even more so following Clint Eastwood’s halftime at the Super Bowl ad, approaches like this one that over-dramatize America’s “fighting spirit” and indomitability are pretty hard to take seriously.

    Is it possible the producers themselves recognized they were over-reaching? There’s a hint of self-parody in this presentation, particularly in the examples chosen for the script, don’t you think? I think I hear the smile in the narrator’s voice when he says, “We will lace up our sneakers and take the dog to the park.” If I’m right, the bombast is easier to take because the spot itself acknowledges the “war” on arthritis is not quite as heroic as the music and analogies make it sound.

    What do you think?
    Grade Recorded.

  2. tonyshilling says:

    If Clint Eastwood were a GOP nominee, he would be President by now thanks to that commercial. Well, he would if anyone actually cared about Detroit, of course. I absolutely love this country, i love what we stand for, and I love the over-dramatized tongue-in-cheek stabs at the “battle” mentality, but some things just make you smirk and shake your head.

    I certainly see their own personal amusement with their ad, but it just isn’t weighed as heavily as the “America: Yes We Can” stance. Or, maybe i just can’t hear it over the war drums!

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