Visual Argument- Brett Lang

Hands only CPR

  • The person uses sign language with subtitles the whole time.
  • The person talks about how important hands only CPR is the whole time by using a language that only uses hands to show the comparison of something your hands alone can do.
  • It demonstrates how hands are so great they can speak a whole language without using one’s mouth.
  • This shows the capabilities of people’s hands and gives them a showing of power and great strength in having hands to use.
  • After doing this it talks about how the most important thing hands can do is save a person’s life. It gives a person that sense of great capabilities with their hands while building up to show that someone could save another’s life and be a hero.
  • The video shows something amazing someone’s hands could do, but acts like it’s not as important as if the hands could do CPR. This gives a strong support and view of hands only CPR as being very important and great to know.
  • The visual aide does exactly what the commercial is supposed to do and demonstrates hands as being powerful, life saving, and with multiple capabilities to convince people to learn hands only CPR and demonstrate its importance.
  • The black shirt with a black background hides most of the girls body. They also cut off most of the face of the girl as well with darkness. This creates a larger focus on the hands and arms of the woman. This brings more importance to what the commercial is about. It doesn’t matter what the lady looks like, or what she is wearing, it’s her hands that are important.
  • The darkness over the face can also represent a view that anybody’s face could be on that body and know how to do hands only CPR. It sells the fact that the viewer can know hands only CPR and be a life safer. It creates a strong view that puts importance on the hands and arms, which are involved in hands only CPR. As it does that it gives a view that the person watching the commercial could be the face of that lady and know the skill of hands only CPR. It sells to the viewer that it is easy to do while doing a very important public service in saving people’s lives all around the world.
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1 Response to Visual Argument- Brett Lang

  1. davidbdale says:

    That’s beautiful work, Brett. I really like the way you’ve explained the central premise. It also helps me appreciate your analysis that you were clearly impressed by the ad’s effectiveness.

    Would you be willing to go for broke and explain why the “talent” is photographed wearing black against a black background, why her arms are exposed, and why we see just as much of her face as we do?

    I’m not sure I have irrefutable answers to my questions, but I have impressions, as you probably do too. I’d like to know yours if you’re willing to share them.

    Provisional Grade Recorded.

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