Sources 6-10 Brett Lang

Metabolife 356

Background: The site talks about the contents of the product metabolife 356, which is the specific Ephedra based product I use to talk about. It also gives a lot of information on use and description of it.

How intend to use: I have already used this website in my definition essay as my source for information on its ingredients. I also intend to use it for other small information about the use of the product.

Inappropriate Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Discharge Following Consumption of a Dietary Weight Loss Supplement

Background: It gives information on how the metabolife 356 affected a woman’s heart and the Ephedra product caused such terrible damage to her and needed a constant defibrillator.

How intend to use: I’m going to use the information as a basis and example of the effects of the metabolife 356 ephedra base drug. I can also use it to show how fast it could cause your heart to race and the effects of the drug on someone’s body.

Ephedra-Containing Dietary Supplements in the US versus Ephedra as a Chinese Medicine

Background: It talks about the usage of Ephedra in the dietary supplement and as used in Chinese medicine.

How intend to use: The website shows a different way Ephedra has been used in the way of Chinese medicine. It also talks about the usage of it as a dietary supplement and its dangers, which gives me more information on that.

The Severity of Toxic Reactions to Ephedra: Comparisons to Other Botanical Products and National Trends from 1993–2002

Background: The website talks about the dangers from the botanical Ephedra. It talks about how it was examined and tested. It also gives information on the severity of its use and exposure in a dietary supplement.

How I intend to use: I intend to take the information and incorporate it into explaining its very severe dangers and showing how its exposure in a supplement form is very dangerous to someone’s health.


Background: It gives more information on the supplement. It also talks about the different ingredients and backgrounds on them, along with usage of the dietary supplement.

How intend to use: I intend to take the information and talk more about the metabolife and its effects. I can also use the background information on certain ingredients in the product more too.

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