Sources 6-10 – Tyson Still


This article provides great detail in which tells that children with out a father figure in their life is the root of recruitment for gangs. It also quotes a statement from the Rev. Leon Kelly which states, “Moms are grieving because they feel like they’ve lost their kids to this [gang] behavior.”

London Riots

I like to use this article because it shows that this issue is worldwide rather than just in the United States. Out in London there has been riots and this article talks about it and also about how many gang members are growing up without a father.

No father no sense of belonging

In this article, it basically gives quotes a relative facts about children who have turned to gangs at a younger age then normal. Kids are not even starting at a teen age now they are getting as low as age 9 joining gangs.

What is the leading cause?

The explanation of this article is to tell what the leading cause of kids living the life of a gang member. Its said that divorced families have children joining gangs more often then families where the father just leaves. I like this article because it is very detailed and precise of the information it gives.

Percentage of men without a father

This article gives specific details and percentages of young men growing up without a father. Also is gives examples of the types of crimes they are drawn to without a father. I like this article because it has much more issues detailed out to give readers a clear image of why teens are joining gangs.

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