Definition Essay – Marty Bell

Steroids could result in a multitude of benefits for baseball. They will increase the number of home runs from sluggers. They will also help some stud pitchers throw faster and possible result in an increase of no hitters or perfect games. The use of anabolic steroids in baseball will make it a more flashy and interesting sport.

It is no secret that an increase in home run production will excite fans more and more. Anabolic steroids can make this happen. Taking steroids causes you to gain more muscle mass. A gain in muscle mass results in faster bat speed. When a batter has a faster bat speed it causes the batted ball speed to increase. It is obvious that an increased batted ball speed will end in more home runs. Some people may say that allowing steroids will not increase home run production because it will allow pitchers to throw harder, making it harder to hit. But, this is not always the case. A pitcher needs more than just muscle mass to throw a hard fast ball. Even with steroids a pitcher needs solid mechanics and good execution to throw the ball harder. This means that steroids will not necessarily make it harder to hit. Only the already ace pitchers will benefit from steroids. For your just average run of the mill pitchers steroids may cause them to throw harder but that will just result in more home runs. The harder the ball comes in, the faster it goes out. With the increased bat speed that steroids cause it will allow the hitters to capitalize on pitchers mistakes and even with faster pitching they will be able to catch up to the ball.

Along with the benefits will bring to the sluggers of baseball comes the benefits to the aces. Stud pitchers have a lot to gain from taking anabolic steroids. Taking steroids will allow pitchers to throw harder than they ever could before. This increase in speed will give some pitchers an edge over batters. For instance, if someone like Cliff Lee took steroids and could throw even harder he may be not hittable. This would result in more no hitters or perfect games from aces around the league. These things will cause fans to be excited and just add to the fan base of baseball. Although, increased speed in pitches is not the only benefit a pitcher receives from taking steroids. Throwing a baseball is extremely straining an unnatural on a pitchers arm. Using steroids will enhance tissue repair so a pitcher will feel better the day after pitching. This is a huge benefit to pitchers and will result in stud pitchers being able to pitch more often and reduce soreness to their arms.

Both pitchers throwing more shutouts and no hitters and batters hitting more home runs will benefit baseball massively. Critics may say that the benefits for pitchers and hitters will wash out and actually not increase homerun production. Anyone who has played baseball before or a serious fan would know this is not true. Steroids will increase a players bat speed which will allow players will a good technique and nice swing hit more homeruns. Though pitchers may throw faster it will not be helpful unless they have good placement on their pitches and other effective pitches. Other than aces throwing a good games and being nearly not hittable which may result in a no hitter, steroids will cause more home runs. In either case it will benefit baseball by having a more interesting game and more plays that shock fans. Critics may also say that hitting home runs more often could make it less exciting when someone hits a homerun. This is also not true considering the fact that a homerun hit in any close game is always exciting. Also, it will result in more intense home run races that bring millions of fans to baseball. Anabolic steroids will make the chances of having another epic home run race like Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire had more likely. One more thing critics may say is that fans will not be interesting in baseball if steroid use is legal because it is cheating. But, this argument can be put to rest very simply. If steroid use is legal than it wouldn’t be cheating at all. If fans actually had a serious problem with steroids they would already be against baseball since it has become apparent that many of baseball’s recent all-stars have used steroids.

The tons of player that brought so many fans to possible and have used steroids just add to the proof that steroids benefit baseball. Manny Ramirez, was suspended for steroid use, brought tons of fans to baseball for years before he retired. Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield, who both admitted to using steroids, both brought interest to baseball and were many people’s’ favorite baseball players for a long time. These are all just specific cases and proof of how steroids have already added fans and interest to the sport of baseball.

In conclusion, there are multiple benefits of allowing anabolic steroid use in baseball bring. If steroids can benefit baseball so much while it has been illegal, making it legal will just add to steroids helping baseball and make it less controversial. Therefore, we should allow professional athletes who are all adults and capable of making decisions for themselves decide whether or not they want to use steroids. It is no different then an adult deciding to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or anything else that has benefits and negative effects.

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2 Responses to Definition Essay – Marty Bell

  1. martyb68 says:

    I would appreciate some additional feedback, thank you.

  2. davidbdale says:

    Hey, Marty.
    Some things you need to clean up if they make it into your rewrite.

    P1. *possible result
    P2. Leave me out of it, every time. See “Things Better Left Unsaid” for an explanation of the ban on second person “you.” No: Taking steroids causes you to gain . . . .
    See the same reading for advice on eliminating needless if/then and when/then constructions such as:
    *When a batter . . . .
    *For just your average . . . may cause them
    *With the increased bat speed . . . it
    *if someone like Cliff Lee . . . . Try:
    (For instance, Cliff Lee on steroids would be unhittable.)
    *Though pitchers may throw faster . . . it

    *pitchers mistakes
    *Although, increased (makes a fragment)
    *an unnatural
    *a players bat speed
    *players will a good technique
    *and nice swing hit more
    *a good games
    *interesting in baseball
    *fans to possible

    P4. The first 2/3 of this paragraph are pure repetition of material that’s mostly been said twice already, Marty. Meanwhile, you haven’t cited a single source. If you feel the need to pad with repetition, enlist the help of an authority instead. Bring in some support for your theories. You’re identifying “benefits to baseball.” I don’t think you’re alone on this.

    You make your case clearly, Marty, but it both misses opportunities and is open to considerable refutation that you can and should counter.

    Ball speed takes fly balls out faster, but it also puts ground balls through the infield faster, doesn’t it? So, won’t steroids also improve batting averages for contact hitters?

    You say steroids won’t improve average pitchers but you also say they’ll heal faster, which could help every pitcher. And even average pitchers who depend on their curveballs can benefit from a few extra miles-per-hour on their fastball, right? It makes the slower curve more effective. In other words, for most of your theories about the effects of steroids, equally reasonable arguments can be made for the contrary.

    The players you say brought fans to the sport certainly did, but before fans knew they were juicing. Afterwards, a majority of fans felt cheated, not delighted. If you say making steroids legal solves that problem, you may be right. But so might be the guy who says fans will lose interest completely in a sport in which everybody who wants to compete has to indulge in a very dangerous and unnatural activity.

    Please understand, Marty, I still like the argument. I’m just trying to help you strengthen it so it’s more convincing to skeptical readers (which means all readers).

    *with the benefits will bring
    *comes the benefits

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