StopSaw Revised – Tabitha Corrao

1. “The system can tell the difference between your finger and the wood. So when you’re cutting wood if you accidently run your hand into the blade it will stop it so quickly that you’ll get a little nick instead of taking some fingers off.”

2. The exultant inventor claims that he made a table saw that could stop thousands of amputations in the United States every year.

3. This claim is a categorical claim.

4. Steve Gass the exultant inventor of the table saw uses an electrical sensor to tell when the blade comes in contact with flesh instead of wood. To prove that his invention worked Steve Gass conducted many trial runs of his invention using hot dogs because they have the same salty conductivity as human fresh. However, people had doubts whether the invention would stop for human flesh, so Gass set up a new trial using his own finger. When the table saw’s blade came into contact with his finger the blade disappeared under the table and didn’t draw blood. Gass stated it felt like a “buzz” or a “tickle” after coming into contact with the blade. Based on Gass’s trial runs I believe the accuracy, quality, and reasonableness of Gass’s claim is correct. Gass has shown that his invention meet his standards of his claim. I think the product itself is persuasive but is not an essential to peoples’ needs. In other words I believe if safety was everyone’s priority the product would sell more.

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1 Response to StopSaw Revised – Tabitha Corrao

  1. davidbdale says:

    I do thank you for the revised version, Tabitha, but you haven’t significantly improved the analysis of Gass’s claim. You do make the one assessment: that the accuracy, relevance, quality, and reasonableness are “correct.” You could have spent much less time describing the test and much more time analyzing the argument.

    Grade Recorded.

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