Safer Saws- Sam Sarlo

1. In a comment on a youtube video of a sawstop demonstration, this user said “My shop teacher says sometimes he puts some wet wood or something into the machine by accident and it stops and breaks… costs 200 dollars to replace plus the cost of the blade. also the humidity in the room has an effect. if it it too humid the wood will get damp and the sawstop will set off”

3. This is an evaluation claim that the sawstop technology is not effective at distinguishing between human flesh and damp or humidified wood. Also, there is a factual claim that when the sawstop is tripped, the saw is effectively broken and it will cost $200 plus the cost of a blade to make it operational again.

4. This argument may be somewhat effective in appealing to financially conscious table saw buyers who have lots of experience and are fully confident in their ability to use a table saw without hurting themselves. However, in the case of a high school shop class, most people would agree that safety should be the utmost concern no matter how much it costs, as these machines will be used to teach inexperienced kids.

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1 Response to Safer Saws- Sam Sarlo

  1. davidbdale says:

    Thanks for being the only student to find and call out this claim, Sam. It’s a very useful bit of evidence that, as you say, will be differently persuasive to different audiences.
    Grade Recorded.

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