Safer Saws — Dale Hamstra

1. “I think mandating SawStop’s technology across the board is unnecessary and counterproductive. Table saws are only part of the power-tool safety problem. Almost any tool can cause a serious injury when used improperly.”

2. It is not the machine’s fault that people are getting hurt; it is their own fault. Technology alone can’t prevent risk. There also needs to be a sense of alertness from the operator.

3. Evaluation claim

4. This is an understandable claim. He makes a strong point that machines are not always to blame for workplace injuries, and in most cases it is the fault of the worker. If there are only safe saws then it is very possible that workers could stop being as alert and, when not working with a safe saw, be more liable to injure themselves. All of this together makes it a fairly successful claim.

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3 Responses to Safer Saws — Dale Hamstra

  1. davidbdale says:

    2. punctuation: machine’s
    2. punctuation: comma splice
    2. punctuation: another comma splice

    2. That’s a reasonable paraphrase.

    4. FAILS FOR GRAMMAR. Rule 8.

    4. Some of what you say is certainly very true, Dale. But while some of the claims are reasonable and understandable, would you say the speaker is strong in calling SawStop counterproductive? And while saws are only part of the problem, does that mean mandates have no value? Seat belts only solved part of the problem of auto injury, but they were mandated.

    Grade Recorded.

    • dalehamstra27 says:

      Are there any more grammatical errors that I missed?

      • davidbdale says:

        There’s just the little detail of “it is the fault of the worker,” which would work in a different sentence. In yours, though, “it” refers to “injuries,” so you should have said “they are the fault of the worker.” I’m glad we’re at the point where I have to be picky to find a problem, Dale. Thanks for the extra effort!

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