Cookie Boycott- Tyson Still

A young lady, who has been a girl scout for eight years, feels as though Girl Scouts of the USA has not been honest to the American public. She has made it her duty to try an get people to boycott girl scout cookies. She begins with telling the rule of her girl scout club that they accept any member that is to be as girl whether its a he or she as long as they are accepted in life as a girl they will be allowed to be a member.

She argues the case of letting boys of the female type nature into the club by giving quotes and different facts from the club about situations that deal with this type of incident. She starts with the point made by her girl scout club that when she sees something wrong with the world she is to address it and try to change it. she feels that it is wrong that girl scout are letting boys in the club without informing they members of the girl scouts, as well as the parents of the members. She is more so disturbed by the fact that no one has been informed that there are transgender boys are already in the clubs.

As the word girl scouts to her mean “all girl” she feels as though to let a boy in even if they are transgender boys. With that being said she feels that some girl scout clubs might not be safe, she raises a questions asking where will transgender boys sleep at overnight? That’s to me is a very good point because anything can happen with a male or female even though the point is they are transgender boys.

In the girls scouts club it basically wants to be true to people and let them be who they are. If the code does say that boys of transgender is allowed I see nothing wrong with it. All of her points are not valid because if a boy wants to be in a scout but does not want to be a boy why not let them into a girl scout. I have nothing against boys wanting to become girls or even girls wanting to become boys. I don’t think a boycott is needed, and also i believe that he as a boy becoming or being a girl should be allowed to be in a girl scout if it expresses how he really feels about himself. Nobody has the right to judge people about what they want to be in life whether other people think its wrong or not.

There are other ways to view this matter and for her to stand up for what she believes in but the only valid point I see that she really has is that the club was not honest and that she should make a case about that not that they shouldn’t let boys in.


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  1. davidbdale says:

    Your first paragraph contains some reasonable material, Tyson. It identifies the girl as having a stake in the argument. It says, which I admire, that she “has made it her duty,” which indicates that you don’t believe it to be her duty, to boyscout Girl Scout cookies (please note the capitals in this use).

    Your last sentence is a mess. It lurches from “begins with telling” to “that they accept” to “that is to be as” to “its a he or she” to “they are accepted” to “they will be.” The sentence contains at least half a dozen errors of grammar, punctuation, and syntax.

    “boys of the female type nature” is hilarious but not helpful in this context, Tyson. The crux of the argument is whether they’re boys or girls and whether as boys they would be excluded from the Scouts, either by virtue of the Scout mission statement or some new policy recently adopted in secret.

    Your summary “by giving quotes and different facts from the club about situations that deal with this type of incident” is exactly the sort of language I warned against in the “Say Something” lecture. Read it before you write your next post, please, to avoid vagueness.

    The next two sentences contain sloppy syntax that indicates, I hope, that they are quick first drafts you never proofread.

    The sentence: As the word girl scouts to her mean “all girl” she feels as though to let a boy in even if they are transgender boys . . .
    isn’t a sentence.

    The rest of the sentence in the same paragraph are not as deeply flawed, but should never survive your own editing.

    I feel the same about virtually every sentence to the end of the post, Tyson. This can’t continue.

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