Open Strong – mrmba1

Initial Opening-

  Drummers are typically viewed as the druggie of the group- the chained maniac behind every great band who is often high and always making questionable health choices. However, that may not actually be the case. In fact, drummers may be the healthiest in most band groups, and the act of drumming itself could actually increase your lifespan and help you live a healthier, more peaceful life. Drumming requires massive amounts of physical proficiency, mental capability, and synergy between the two. It relieves a great deal of stress by acting as a medium for letting out inner frustrations as well as a means of meditation for the musician. 

Strong Revised Opening-

Of all the ways to extend and increase the quality of one’s life, few would’ve guessed that drumming would help in doing just that. Drummers are typically stereotyped as the wild card or animal of every band- with little help from the muppets. They’re the one that’s in the clouds more than on the ground, and more often than not making questionable and risky life choices. However, compared to other members of a band such as guitar players and vocalists, the drummer is the healthiest of all. Comparable to the likes of cycling and swimming, drumming is a great means of physical exercise. It is also a great mental workout when it comes to coordination, and a perfect social amplifier and medium when it comes to the community of performing music. Assisting in all aspects of health, drumming is a great choice to lead a healthy, long lasting life.

I’m not sure if I understood the task properly, but here is what I have and I am willing to change it if necessary.

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