Preview Survey Results

Hey, class. I thought you might like to see the (anonymized) results of the Survey Monkey Comp II Preview.

I’m all about feedback and staying in touch, so I want you to know from the very start that I take your needs seriously.

You answered multiple-choice questions:

You responded to a question about Grades:

  • I would like to get an A, because I would like to improve my GPA and make my family proud of me.
  • There is not a grade I need but if I can keep my GPA at a 4.0 that would be ideal.
  • An A, I want to have a good GPA as well as be a well rounded individual.
  • I need at least a B in this class in order to feel good about myself and to keep my GPA high
  • I would like to get at least a B because that is what I always target heading into every class and I feel is lowest bar I set for myself.
  • I want an A because I wish to keep my GPA up and even raise it if possible.
  • A passing grade; ideally an A, but as long as I pass I will be somewhat content. Lowest would be a C.
  • I need to get a grade higher than a B because I need to keep my GPA for my major and a scholarship that I have. I also have to keep my GPA up for my sport so I can be eligible to participate in practices.
  • B. I just need a “B” in order to keep my GPA up for my major.
  • A or B
  • The grade I need is a B or higher so I can work on my GPA at Rowan and get into Business School.
  • I need an A so my mom doesn’t kill me.
  • I need an A. I’m trying to transfer out for a sport, and the better my grade and GPA is the easier it will be for me to get money and help my parents out.
  • Don’t need a specific grade, but I’m shooting for at least a B
  • I need at least a B in this course in order to maintain my GPA.
  • I don’t have a specific grade I need at this time.

You finished a sentence:
The teacher in my favorite writing course:

  • . . . allowed us to do a free writing assignment where we wrote whatever we wanted.
  • . . .  related our work to day to day life. My favorite course included practice of writing and rewriting essays. With each essay topic my instructor would speak with us in a group discussion relating the topic to real world events, societal patterns, etc… It makes it easier to understand and makes for an entertaining collaborative class.
  • . . . helped me write
  • The writing course I enjoyed the most was the one where I neglected to do my work, but learned a valuable lesson. My professor was understanding of my situation and gave me a second chance. This is also the only writing course I have taken in college so far.
  • . . . discussed specific topics and where to go with them giving me a wide range of routes I could take in my writing.
  • . . .  helped me out and was willing to give me feedback on what I needed to improve.
  • . . .  gave prompts to respond to and answer/ write about.
  • . . .  made the class enjoyable to attend and had a lot of interacting activities that I was Abel to do. And they helped me out when I need it thought my 5O4 plan that I have. And they took the time to help me out a little more.
  • . . . gave quality feedback good or bad. This includes even saying if I have to rewrite, and I also enjoy group exercises.
  • . . .  helped the students who need help in other parts of writing
  • . . . worked with me on my writing and was just as excited and interested in what I was writing about as I was
  • . . . let us write about topics we chose.
  • . . . was very active and modernized the class to the class.
  • . . . kept close contact with students
  • . . . gave detailed feedback on essays that I have written. using that to my advantage I was able to become a better writer and succeed in the course.
  • . . . was readily available to clarify things for me and make sure that I was on the right track and not confused.

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