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  1. Manufacturers (Steve Gass, Bosch, others)

“While the flesh detecting technology is roughly the same, the mechanism for stopping the blade is much different between the two saws.  SawStop uses a break to stop the blade from moving, which destroys the blade in the process.  The REAXX saw drops the spinning blade into the housing below.” This is a comparative claim because Gass is describing how Bosch used his flesh detecting technology to make a similar, but different version of the safety saw. This is why Gass took Bosch to court.

  1. Customers

“In 1300 documented cases, customers have come into contact with the blades of their saws and come away with just tiny nicks.” This is a factual claim because it shows the statistics of customers who have put the safety system to use without it failing. This is a good statistic for Gass.

  1. Industry Spokespeople

“SawStop is currently available in the marketplace to any consumer who chooses to purchase it,” This is a factual claim by Susan Young, a representative for multiple saw manufacturing companies. Despite being available to any manufacturer, they still aren’t buying it up. This is because they claim that it can add $100 – $300 in manufacturing costs.

  1. Consumer Safety Advocates

“Ten people every day – according the CPSC’s own data – have their fingers amputated in power saw accidents. 10 a day!” This is a quantitative claim because it describes the average number of people who cut their fingers off in saw accidents per day. This number could be reduced if Gass’ invention is mandated.

  1. Injured Plaintiffs

“If this safety mechanism had been included in the table saw, Osorio’s injuries would have been limited to a 1/8-inch cut on only one finger, instead of two unusable fingers and three fingers with no feeling, requiring five surgeries and $384,000 in medical expenses. The court awarded Osorio $1.5 million in damages.” This is a causal claim because it describes that Osorio would not have been injured if the safety mechanisms were included in the saw. The court also awarded Osorio money in compensation for the damages due to the saw. This is cause and effect.

  1. Personal Injury Lawyers

“Every year, there are over 40,000 table saw injuries, resulting in more than 4,000 amputations. Table saws cause more injuries than any other woodworking tool.” This is a factual claim that presents the statistics of how many people are injured by saws per year. Despite these numbers, most saw manufacturers are still reluctant to adopt Gass’ saw safe technology into their saw production.

  1. Government Officials

“In 2012, California lawmakers tried to pass a law that would require all table saws sold after January 1, 2015 to have flesh-sensing safety technology.” This is a proposal claim because the lawmakers are making a proposal that all table saws should have flesh-sensing technology implemented within them. Despite these efforts, it still failed to pass in congress.

  1. News Reporters

“Sure enough, the blade came to a dead stop in about three one-thousandths of a second, leaving the dog with only a minor nick.” This is an evaluative claim because it describes that the safety saw fulfilled its intended purpose when put to the test, and the hotdog only received a minor wound. This is good press for the safety saw technology.

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