Visual- Thecommoncase

0:01- In the first second of the advertisement, there is a man hunched over at a desk and looking at a laptop, which has a stack of papers next to it. The man is dressed business casual, with a blue button up shirt and a pair of khakis. The director may have chosen for the man to wear this outfit to show that he is a white-collar worker who may have recently gotten home from work. He looked stressed and tired, as if he was staring at the laptop for quite a long time. The room he is in is dimly lit, only a lamp and the laptop screen are giving off light. The lamp is positioned directly next to the man on the other side of the desk, where it is not visible to the audience. The warm glow of the light creates a drowsy ambiance. The room looks like a spare room that was turned into an office space, there are a couple of cups filled with writing utensils and a cork board with papers attached to it. The corkboard has a few pictures on it, with what looks like a man and a child. There are also a few children’s drawings on the cork board. The door to the office is open and there is a children’s bicycle in front of the stairs, which are visible from the room. The director is letting the audience know that this man has a child by showing the drawings, the pictures, and the small bike. There is no indication of whether this is taking place during the day or at night, but there is no light coming from the hallway outside the room, making it seem like it is night time.

0:02- 0:15 Suddenly the man appears to have heard something and looks up at the ceiling, where the audience cannot see. He seems to have heard someone calling him from up the next floor. He then closes his laptop and lets out a sigh. As he gets up from his office chair, he hesitates for a moment and unplugs the chord from the laptop, then promptly walks out of the room to the stairs.

While this is happening, the camera slowly moves in towards one of the drawings on the cork board. The drawing depicts a large dinosaur-looking creature labeled, “monstruo” with two small stick figures labeled “papa” and “yo.” “Papa” seems to be fighting the monster, while the child who drew the picture is laying in a bed. The director is focusing on this image to show the audience that the child feels safe and protected by her father, and that the father is there for his child whenever he is needed.

0:16- 0:24 The clip cuts to a close-up shot of a small girl sleeping peacefully. It then cuts to a view of the whole room, with the camera slowly moving down. The room is filled with toys and decorations, and the bed is placed in the middle of the room in front of two windows, with long blue blinds covering them. None of the covers match the sheets or the pillowcases on her bed, and there is a unicorn stuffed animal at the end of the bed. The director may have chosen to have none of the bedding match to suggest that they are a middle-class family, and do not care so much about everything looking perfect. To the audience this is pretty relatable, since most people do not have the time to constantly make everything perfect. As the camera zooms down, we see the man laying underneath the bed, working on his laptop. This ties in with the drawing seen before, and shows that the father is achieving work-life balance by stopping his daughter from being scared of monsters under her bed while also getting work done. He does not let his work get in the way of taking care of his daughter.

0:24- 0:37 At the end, the meaning of the advertisement becomes clear. The words “never stop being a Dad” pop up in the middle of the screen. This is a PSA to fathers that they should always be there for their children, and to not let materialistic tasks like working at home get in the way of supporting their children.

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