End of Semester Grade Conferences

If you haven’t scheduled

Most of you have scheduled your Grade Conferences, but for those who haven’t, I must inform you it’s now too late to have any input into your final grade.

If you have scheduled

The End-of-Semester Grade Conference is your opportunity to achieve consensus with your beloved professor about your overall course grade. Missing your appointment waives that opportunity and also waives your right to dispute your final grade. So don’t miss your appointment. Please.

From the syllabus:


In addition to two mandatory “Progress Conferences,” we will meet briefly during Finals Week for a MANDATORY one-on-one Grade Conference. At this final meeting of the semester, you and your beloved professor will come to a meeting of the minds regarding your earned grade for the semester. In addition to helping you understand the rationale for your grade, this conference will eliminate the possibility of disputes after grades are posted.

Students who fail to schedule a Grade Conference or who fail to attend a scheduled Grade Conference WAIVE THEIR RIGHT to dispute the grade their professor determines fair. 

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