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Let’s do it.” Steve Gass says this very whole-heartadly as if he is about to do something any normal person would in a day but in this case, he is sticking his finger into a saw. He is 100% confident in his idea. This is an evaluative claim, as Gass is positively sure that his product will work and states very calmly “Let’s do it” giving the customers a sense of relief as he will clearly show that his product works. This makes me feel a lot better about the product because you may think “who would ever do this”, and now we have our answer. The creator is so confident in his idea it makes you feel much better about the product as a whole.


I couldn’t find anyone with bad things to say about the SawStop table saw” Customers have had no complaints when working with the SawStop and for a fine trade, a little extra money to keep your fingers intact. This is an evaluative claim, as it states, there is “no one” that could find anything bad about the product and it is well worth the buy. This is very reasonable as it makes you feel much more interested in buying the product if it has stellar reviews across the board and not even a single thing there is to dislike about the product. 

Industry Spokespeople:

it’s too expensive, that it’s unreliable, and that consumers don’t want it.” The Power Tool Industry is fighting back against the product as they think that it isn’t necessary and for an increased price to their power tools, the customers will not want to purchase this if they don’t need to. This is an evaluative claim as the group claims that these people will not want this product simply on the fact that it’s more expensive and they believe it to be unreliable. I disagree with this claim as any safety precaution shouldn’t be taken lightly. These people may not want to pay the price for the product but it is entirely possible that they could lose a piece of them forever if they slip up one time. 

Consumer Safety Advocates:

10 a day!” The safety advocate is very astonished that this number is as high as it is and it seems very unreasonable for it to be like so. This is an evaluative claim where the advocate is judging this number as it seems much higher than it should be for such injuries. The saws that include SawStop would bring this number down a hefty amount from the outrageously high data points we are seeing in injuries today. 

Injured Plaintiffs:

Osorio’s injuries would have been limited to a 1/8-inch cut on only one finger, instead of two unusable fingers and three fingers with no feeling, requiring five surgeries and $384,000 in medical expenses.” A man was awarded $1.5 million dollars after a table saw injury that was lacking the safety features that would have minimized damages. This is a causal and numerical claim, as it states what happened because the saw did not have the safety precautions and also makes a big impact using the numbers to really show the true damages done because the saw was lacking said safety add-ons. This is a good representation because it shows us just what large price you have to pay, or someone else has to, because a company did not want to pay a smaller price to keep the customers safe. 

Personal Injury Lawyers:

whose injuries could have been prevented” A lawyer is talking about those who have been injured by table saws which lack the SawStop product or similar features to keep them safe, and the lawsuits that have been brought to light on these companies. This is an evaluative claim, as the companies are pretty much being judged because they knew all willingly they had the capability to add on the SawStop or other similar features but were unwilling and are now facing heavy lawsuits because of it. This is a very high quality claim because it is very unreasonable that these companies don’t already have these features on their saws and there is a price to pay because of it.

Government Officials:

more than 33,000 injuries treated in emergency rooms and 4,000 amputations” An estimate taken by the government provides numbers beyond thinkable in injuries by saw/blade contact per year. This is a numeric claim as it gives us two big numbers to really look at and think about as they are so excessive when there is technology to prevent these numbers from staying this high. This is a reasonable claim as truly looking at the numbers makes you think what we can do to lower this and creates more exposure on products such as SawStop.

News Reporters:

switching to the safer saw design will save society $1,500 to $4,000 per saw sold by reducing medical bills and lost work.” The numbers here are providing a look into the benefits of what can occur when people actually take the time to use the SawStop compared to the ordinary “unsafe” products they are used to now. This is a numerical claim, as it is using values to claim that this product is saving tons of money for society when it is being used over normal table saws that do not include SawStop. This seems reasonable as now medical bills and lawsuits are not popping up for these saw companies as often and the customers are much safer using the new ones, therefore saving unnecessary expenses.

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