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Inventor- Dr. Steve Gass was one of the four founders that invited the great technology called SawStop. The reason he created SawStop was that he wanted to make a blade fast enough to stop injuries. The SawStop that he and coworkers started prevented multiple amputations in the United States and stopped many serious injuries. 

Reluctant Manufacturer-“one, one thousand of a second.” The creators of SawStop are explaining the amount of time it takes for the saw to stop when it’s about to hit an object. For example, a finger, for instance, and to this day, there hasn’t been any injury from SawStop.

News Reports- A invention like this hasn’t been created before. Something new that can change the way we look at technology.

 Industry Spokespeople- “Salty well-conducted all-beef frank.” That tells that because people’s hands are sweaty, the machine reacts and knows when to stop when it close to contact with flesh. People that work throughout the day end up sweaty.    

Consumer safety advocates- “It saves a finger but mangles a machine.” That shows that the SawStop machine will always shut down when it comes in contact with human flesh, but stated in the video, “it mangles the machine.” 

Industry Spokespeople- Commentator, stated in the video, “Energy has to go somewhere when it stops.” He says that the energy is moved to the SawStop Module. “which acts like the crumple zone in a car.” 

Steve Gass- “A little nervous” Steve Gass is scared that the machine might cut off his finger because it’s not truly tested, and there could still be some problems to fix. 

 Injury Lawyer- It can prevent injuries from happening. The video shows that SafeStop can protect people. You have a higher chance of avoiding an injury with this machine. 


“SawStop Saves over 6.000 Finger!” Festool, 

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