Open Strong – Sonnypetro29

Opening 1-

In a world shifting to driverless cars do you trust your car to keep you safe? We all want to be able to get in a car and have it drive and you just sit there and relax, but do you really trust a computer or do you trust your self to drive your car better. The countless years put in to making these cars and all of the research done to make them perfect but can a computer determine what is moral in a situation? A autonomous car is designed to do what it has to do to keep the most people safe.

Opening 2-

Autonomous cars will soon be controlling the road will you let a computer drive you? It is hard getting in a car and letting someone else drive you, you put all your faith in them to keep you safe. Now it will soon become that you will be getting in a car and there will be no one there just the computer driving you. There are many glitches with computers what is stopping these cars from getting a glitch and driving off the road? We put our lives in the hands of a computer its not much different from todays world where we live in our technology so it might not be hard for others to trust the computer driving.

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