Open Strong – shadowswife

Opening 1: Korean pop’s inspirations were derived from black hip hop culture; however, their use of the genre is not out of gratitude for black culture. For many years, K-pop has been notorious for incorporating black hip-hop culture as a concept in the Korean music industry. With Korean artists using this culture in their music career, it is expected that they would be knowledgeable of the racial significance hip-hop has on people of color. However, in actuality, their use of the stereotypical aspects of black hip-hop culture and ignorance towards a person of color’s hardships proves their true intentions. South Korea’s exploitation of hip-hop artists illustrates their lack of support and consideration of historical black movements.

Opening 2: With the global success of Korean pop, it is no surprise that Korean artists would be given the opportunity to collaborate with various artists and have access to more efficient ways of creating music. With their main inspiration hailing from black hip-hop culture, it is ironic that they show little to no appreciation for people of color working with them. It is evident that their reluctance to support people of color and ignorance of their history music reflects upon their cooperation with them. They fail to give black songwriters and producers the right amount of credit for their work, and those artists are outraged by hypocrisy for exploiting their culture. South Korea’s benefit from cultural appropriation is internationally straining its relationship with other black artists.

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