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Let’s be honest, taking the driver’s test in New Jersey is incredibly easy, requiring very little to none skill in order to receive one’s license. The requirements are substandard even by the already low ranking difficulty of driver’s tests in the United States, making it almost impossible to fail. These kinds of standards do not work with much less dangerous tasks, let alone allowing someone to operate the most dangerous form of transportation. Unfortunately because of this, youth drivers are thrown into situations they are unfamiliar with, putting themselves and others at risk. Something needs to be done, the driver’s test requirements in New Jersey and the entire United States need to be raised to that of international standards to lessen the risk that youth drivers pose on the road.

An inexperienced person seldom receives responsibility in something they just began, yet for some reason young drivers are allowed to share the roads with those who have many years of experience. Instead of being mature enough to learn proper driving techniques, and acquire the skills necessary, oftentimes young drivers choose to show off or test their limits in something they do not fully comprehend. While it is necessary for people to be able to drive, instead of young drivers sharing the roads with those who are experienced, young drivers should be allowed to only drive on separate roads, putting only themselves at risk, and not the general population.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    You didn’t number or headline these paragraphs, mhm, but I’m assuming they are two openings for different thesis statements.

    Regarding the first, even though the claims are strong, I still think you’re burying the lede, which is: innocent people are being killed in traffic accidents with drivers who should never have passed their driving tests.

    Regarding the second, I love the outrageous idea of “permit highways” where newbie drivers could test their skills without endangering safer and more experienced drivers. But if you’re going to propose it, knowing it doesn’t stand a chance of being implemented, you should do so rhetorically, making clear you know it’s impossible.

    Like standup comedy: What this country needs are highways for kids who just got their license! No, seriously. Let them crash into one another instead of me and my family.


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