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There is a huge misconception that abortion during the third trimester is harmless, when in reality, getting an abortion in the third trimester is super gruesome and hard. Many doctors have done much research to prove that woman who have had an abortion could have a hinderance on their physical health, but more substantially on their mental health. Women who have an abortion struggle to have the best quality of life. If women today were informed that they could possibly endure a painful emotional disorder called Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome after going through the process of having an abortion, woman will want to give birth instead of aborting the baby. 

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Pregnant women today face extremely challenging decisions, especially when their pregnancy is unexpected. After finding out that they are pregnant, the most difficult decision out of many is to have an abortion or not. It is a difficult decision because some women know the effect it can have on them physically and mentally. Woman need to be informed about the mental/physical health dangers of abortions so that after learning about the effects, the decision of not having an abortion wouldn’t be so difficult.

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