612218 Visual Rhetoric assignment

Visual  rhetoric assignment

0-5 seconds

The ad starts off with an animated man that opens up his front door to see a huge wildfire about to burn down his house which we assume that his family lives in. In the next scene it’s a flash flood about to ruin his home.  The last time he opens the door there is an earthquake. All these natural disasters are possible so its puts fear in the back of people’s minds.  SInce all of this is happening I would say its pathos since these things could destroy and cause alot of emotional damage for some people.

6-11 seconds

 The dad closes the doors on the natural disasters with what looks like two people in the background.  The dad ends up sitting with his family at the kitchen table. Looks to be his wife and his daughter and there looking at a computer screen. Across there kitchen table is a bunch of survival supplies such as a radio flashlight and a first aid kit. 

11-17 seconds

The camera pans to the computer screen and It Shows us to go to their website that could  potentially save your family’s life in case of a disaster such as a wildfire, earthquake or flash flood as shown in the first clip.The main message on this website is staying home which save lives. Which we can assume is about the covid 19 virus. I would say this is pathos as well because you don’t want to be the reason your family dies So it’s apealing to your emotion and dont want to not be prepard.

17-20 seconds

There seems to be a knock at the door because there looks to be an animation on the door. Now the family panicked because they do have a plan in case something were to happen.The family has the numbers written down in case separated. The family has a few bags and prepares them since we can predict disasters on the way based off the previous knocks at the door and they planned accordingly. The dad goes to get the door. I would say this is logos because it’s a rational decision and everyone should be making it.

20-25 seconds

The camera pans to the  family opening up the door and it’s just a pizza man delivering the pizza. What we can assume to be the dad and mom our look extremely relieved while the kid is jumping because its the pizza man. The pizza man is wearing a mask because of the pandemic that’s going on at the moment so is the rest of the family so they’re being very responsible. I would say this is pathos becuase it’s appealing to your emotion of a father just trying to keep his family and children safe.

25-30 seconds

 The last bit of it is more just telling you to make a plan again and stressing how important it is and where to go so you can make that plan. It gives the website information again, plus States what other organizations back it.  So at this point you know it’s an ad and why It is important.

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