Working Hypothesis 1

Wearing masks will help stop the spread of covid 19 in the near future but overal end up compromising our immune system. By wearing  all the time to help stop the spread of covid-19 will inadvertently put us in more harm by compromising our immune system. Humans  build immunity by being out in the public where there’s viruses all the time. having that all cut at once it’s going to be a shock for the body. When masks stop being in use the human population will feel the effects of it.

Working Hypothesis 2

Wearing mask has no potential affect on our future immune system and could potentially save you or someone you care about.By not wearing a mask it’s affecting people’s lives over 200,000 people in America have already died from covid-19. Will you be responsible for the next death.  wearing masks put you at no harm and could potentially save you or a loved one. Wearing a mask won’t affect your immune system; it will just prevent you from getting and spreading this disease. 

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