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Working Hypothesis

Eliminating guns will reduce the amount of gun violence more than gun control in america because people cannot commit gun violence without a gun 

Purposeful Summaries

Getting beyond the myths: What Americans really think about mass shootings and gun legislation? 

It seems counterintuitive that most people want more legislation involving guns, however the issue of gun control is still controversial. Most Americans have a new spiked fear of mass shootings, compared to the fear of attacks from out of the country terrorist organizations. A common misconception is that Republicans are more likely to care about the gun issue, but that isn’t true. Rebulican and democrats are just as likely to solely vote for a candidate that agrees with their gun views. Even though both parties are in favor of supporting more gun legislation, more republicans are less likely to think that the legislation would even make a difference. This is attributed to the reason behind why Gun violence is so high. Most democrats believe that gun violence is so high because of poor legislation, however the republicans tend to believe that this is because of poor parenting, and violent video games. The article, written by William A. Galston and Clara Hendrickson, suggests that “It appears that the felt need to go beyond the disturbing status quo is counteracting their skepticism that government action can improve the situation”. If we change the view point of gun legislation working, maybe we can actually have gun legislation.     


Gun control-just facts 

It seems counterintuitive to enact more gun laws when government agencies have trouble enforcing the current gun laws. Most states do have gun laws involving background checks, applicants must be over the age of 21, and so on. However the FBI responsible for registering gun owners  really deny anyone. Out of all the applicants to apply for registration only 0.5 percent were denied. 53 percent of those rejections were previous convictions, however even if you have been labeled as part of any terrorist group, you still have the ability to purchase firearms and explosives. In some states if the FBI take longer than 3 days to run a background check on the applicant, the applicant is able to be approved of having a gun automatically, despite the FBI not finishing their background checks. IN cities in Chicago for over thirty years a ban on handguns within the city was enacted in order to bring down high rates of gun Violence. However, in 2010 the supreme court ruled that it was unconstitutional and the ban was ended.   


How The U.S. Compares With Other Countries In Deaths From Gun Violence

It seems counterintuitive that America is such a well developed country yet, we have such a high rate of gun violence. The United States average gun violence per 100,000 people is 4.43 percent. With that percent we are ranked number 28th in the world. But comparing us to other wealthier, or well developed countries our rates are much higher. In countries like the United kingdom their rate is .06; Japan, 0.04; South Korea, 0.05; and Iceland, 0.07.  These are other counties with high rates who tend to be in Central America and the Caribbean including El Salvador, 43.11; Venezuela, 42.15; and Guatemala, 29.16. But the United States is a wealthier country, strategies to properly compare counties were suggested to take into account the weather advantages of the countries and implement the factor into a formula so gun violence can be measured compared to wealth of the nations. Even with taking this into account the United States has outrageously large numbers compared to other countries.   


How American Guns Are Fueling U.K. Crime

It seems counterintuitive to think that our gun problem would only involve us. The U.K in recent years has seen a larger influx of smuggled guns tied back to the U.S. In particular they have mostly been tracked to Florida with their less restrictive gun laws. The United States has more guns than it has people. And since the Trump administration has ‘broad support’ of the gun industry, they are actually looking to expand, and increase the world market. The problem is, if the market of selling legal guns were to increase, so would the illegal smuggling of gunsl rise as well, which would increase the homicides rates. This would not only affect the Uk, but in other countries around the world. The nytimes s“The United States is one of the biggest legal exporters of firearms in the world, but hundreds of thousands of guns also illegally leak out of the country and fuel homicides, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean.” A former gang member in the Uk stated some of the guns came in shipped boxes that also contained children’s high chairs. Guns being illegally smuggled in the Uk also get marked up in cost because of their scarcity. Which gives gangs in the Uk a larger incentive to purchase and sell. Even though knife murder have been on the rise, so has gun violence and now there is a larger aces to guns circulating. 


States with Weak Gun Laws and Higher Gun Ownership Lead Nation in Gun Deaths, New Data for 2018 Confirms

It seems counterintuitive to have weak gun laws knowing that it is correlated to larger rates of gun violence deaths. In the states with the highest rates of gun violence, have also been correlated to have the most gun violence incidents. States like Mississippi, Alabama, Wyoming, Missouri and Louisiana have rates going from 22.80 gun deaths per 100,000 to 21.27. In contrast to that states with the most stricter laws have the lowest gun violence deaths. States like Rhode island, Massesttucetts, Hawaii, New York, and New Jersey have restes going from 3.50 to 4.71. It is also interesting that along with lower gun violence correlated to strict gun laws, there are less individuals registered to have guns.


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