“Sometimes I can’t do the laundry,” Brannan explains, reclining on her couch. “And it’s not like, ‘Oh, I’m too tired to do the laundry,’ it’s like, ‘Um, I don’t understand how to turn the washing machine on.’ I am looking at a washing machine and a pile of laundry and my brain is literally overwhelmed by trying to figure out how to reconcile them.” 

This remark is a causal claim. She is expressing that the reason she can’t do her laundry is because of the PTSD symptoms she is experiencing. 

 She sounds like she might start crying, not because she is, but because that’s how she always sounds, like she’s talking from the top of a clenched throat, tonally shaky and thin.

This could be an evaluative claim. At first, we would believe that she is beginning to cry, but then learn that she always talks this way. This would be an evaluation of the way she speaks.

She looks relaxed for the moment, though, the sun shining through the windows onto her face in this lovely leafy suburb.

This would also be an evaluative claim since it’s an evaluation of the way she is feeling at that exact moment. 

We raise the blinds in the afternoons, but only if we are alone. 

This would be a causal claim since it’s simply stating that the blinds are only raised once they are alone. It could also be a factual claim (if this is the truth)

When we hear Caleb pulling back in the driveway, we jump up and grab their strings, plunging the living room back into its usual necessary darkness.

The “necessary darkness” would imply a proposal claim. It’s not actually necessary that their house stays completely dark but this allows the reader to understand how important it is to them. 

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