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The phone never stops ringing. If it does for 14 seconds, Brannan writes an email to help get whatever someone needs or publishes a blog post about her own struggle.

This is an evaluative claim. The author is saying the phone appeared to never stop ringing, but I’m sure there were periods between calls that the phone was silent for longer than 14 seconds. Also that Brannan did nothing in those periods of time between the phone calls but blog or write emails could be argued.

Caleb was not amused the first time one of these posts went live. But now he’s glad she didn’t ask him his permission.

This is a causal claim. Caleb was at first not amused, but he is now happy that she made the post. He changed his mind because there were positive responses that shows they were all not alone and Brannan is now able to help people. It is because of these responses that he is no longer angry about the post. Another causal claim is that he was not amused because of the initial post.

It’s a brief emergence from his bedroom

This is a quantitative claim about the amount of time he leaves his bedroom, which is brief, and never longer.

he’s been “sleeping or hiding,”

This can be a categorical claim. Sleeping and hiding are the activities in the category of things Caleb does when he’s in the bedroom. If he’s not sleeping, he’s in there hiding, and vice versa.

20 or so hours a day for a few days

This is a numerical claim about the amount of time Caleb spends in the bedroom when he is either sleeping or hiding. She says it is about 20 hours a day that he is in the room, and this usually lasts for a few days in a row.

He leans forward to put his glass of orange juice on the table; it takes many, many long seconds for him to cover the few inches

I think this can be a quantitative claim about the length of time it took him to put the glass on the table. It took him a long enough time, many long seconds, to complete the task. It is a measure of the time. It can also be a comparative claim because she is observing he took a long time whereas it is typically a quick task. But for him, compared to others, it took longer.

today, like most days

This is a comparative claim about how Caleb feels on this particular day as compared to other days. On this day he was feeling the same as he usually does on other days,

he feels “like a damn train ran over me.”

The quote from Caleb is an analogy claim. He did not get run over by a train, but between his physical and mental trauma and pain due to his war experiences, he feels like what he would assumes the experience of getting run over would entail. He is comparing the similarity between the feelings he does experience and the feeling he would experience by getting run over by a train.

“But because of the feedback she got, I know that other people were going through the same shit I was…”

Here Caleb is making a categorical claim that people who gave/give feedback to Brennan are in similar situations, meaning others are going through the same thing he is. He is in a category of people that are suffering and people that have family members that are suffering because of that.

“…And she’s helping people.”

This could be a moral claim because he is stating how she is doing a good thing that is morally right. There are people that need help and she is providing that to them,

“She’s got a good heart. She’s always been like that…”

Caleb’s description of Brannan is a categorical claim placing her in a personality category. Her good heart that she has, and has always had, put hers in a category of good people. If someone has a good heart you wouldn’t assume they were a bad person, so therefore he is claiming that she is a good person.

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