My Hypothesis [Revised] — SmilingDogTheProfWants

  1. Childhood obesity
  2. The blame for childhood obesity
  3. The parents fault of giving their child fast food
  4. If parents were more responsible they wouldn’t give their kid fast-food several times a week or let them play on the internet all day
  5. If parents didn’t buy fast food for their kids and made them play outside they wouldn’t be obese
  6. Children are to blame for their own obesity because of their heavy desire for the most stimulating things which include fast food, video games, viral videos, YouTube content and (possibly) avoiding situations where others may insult them.
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1 Response to My Hypothesis [Revised] — SmilingDogTheProfWants

  1. davidbdale says:

    I’m very confused, SmilingDog. Steps 1-5 blame the parents for the children’s obesity, then Step 6 turns that on its head and blames the kids for their own addiction to internet games and fast food.

    Then it adds an element from left field: situations where others might insult them. You have at least two, possibly three theories going here.

    Respond if you want to engage in active collaboration on this project (or risk having me ignore you 🙂 ). No, really, Responsiveness is key to your success.


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