My Hypothesis- cardinal

  1. Diversity in the entertainment industry
  2. Racial diversity in the entertainment industry
  3. The lack of racial diversity in entertainment and the amount of working creators & executives that are white
  4. A disproportionate amount of white creators and executives in the entertainment industry limits racially diverse media.
  5. Having more people of color in control in the entertainment industry would increase the amount of meaningful diversity in media.
  6. Taking white people out of positions of power in the entertainment industry and replacing them with people of color would lead to widespread and meaningful diversity in media.
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5 Responses to My Hypothesis- cardinal

  1. davidbdale says:

    Taking white people out of positions of power in the entertainment industry and replacing them with people of color would lead to widespread and meaningful diversity in media.

    A good start, Cardinal.
    This sounds specific, but it’s still very vague, leaving open the very real possibility that you’ll end up with a “survey essay” that names a bunch of anecdotes from music, theater, fiction, film, TV, dance, standup, etc., and try to make an overall case by citing incidents from VERY different media.

    Just to take a single narrow focus, how many successful black Hollywood producers can you name? Here’s a list of the Ten Most Successful Black Producers in Hollywood, according to a website devoted to championing black enterprise.

    Here’s a site that numbers 120 African-American film producers.

    I offer these not-particularly-academic sources as a caution, to demonstrate how easy it would be to offer evidence that there are plenty of African-American film producers. The counterargument then would be: if 120 black film producers can’t represent “widespread and meaningful diversity,” is that the fault of the entertainment establishment?

    Please not understand I’m not arguing with you. But I am trying to help focus your argument to make it less vulnerable to an “anecdote-for-anecdote” competition, or, on the other hand, a matter of just numbers.

    What do you think? Can you focus this more? Read a few sources and see what turns up.


  2. cardinal7218 says:

    7. Diversity is already improving in streaming content
    8. Diversity in streaming is better than diversity in Hollywood
    9. Streaming services will render Hollywood obsolete with their more progressive approach to diversity.


    • davidbdale says:

      I think that’s a much more arguable premise, and one that the facts should help you follow. It still runs contrary to the common complaint that minority actors, directors, producers, etc are routinely ignored by the “Academy” that awards the Oscars. The better strategy, it seems to me, is to throw a big “who cares?” at the Academy. They’re history. No longer needed to bestow legitimacy on artists. Maybe recommend boycotting them altogether and hosting your own new awards program celebrating the rainbow diversity of Direct-to-Consumer content creators.


  3. cardinal7218 says:

    10. Hollywood will eventually absorb streaming services since streaming content delivers the diversity audiences want.


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