it seems counterintuitive that circus shows have regulations stating that sick elephants must get prompt medical care and a vets okay before preforming. The elephant that became sick, Kenny, was just three years old. If he were in the wild, he would still be with his mother just beginning to learn. Instead, he is held in captivity for the circus where he preforms. The morning of the show, he was not touching his food or water, which is not normal behavior. Some attendants noticed and, more than one time, told a vet technician. The elephant was shown no medical inspection and also did not receive the ‘ok’ to perform. However the show went on. Multiple times throughout the day. During his performance Kenny had experienced diarrhea and then later began to bleed from his bottom, to the point where he could no longer stand on his own feet. A circus vet showed up after the incident and prescribed him medicine and rest, but also emphasizing that he might still bleed and if an inspector sees, concerns for the elephants care and wellbeing will be raised. This overlooking his health putting the show first. A few hours later Kenny still is set to perform, but is unable, and continues to bleed. The staff gave him fluids and other medication to find him dead a couple hours later. Kennys life was in danger very clearly and the circus did little-to nothing about it, even with all resources available and ready.

It seems counterintuitive to give a drug addict, drugs. Heroin addiction is a big problem around the world and in the United States for some time now. Some parts being worse than others, Vancouver attempted to control the problem. In worser areas, it takes up the community, creating a harmful and unsafe environment. To control the addicts Vancouver tried a study in which they have a designated spot for doing drugs with no threat of the police being called or being arrested. At the center they are supervised by nurses, given clean needles and syringes, and also the best heroin. This all in attempt to maybe lean some addicts off the drug and reduce harm. In the article it is explained that by giving it to them directly, it is a form of reverse psychology. And later on, stated by a one working on this project, that they are in a sense, ‘putting the bullet in their head.’ This was designed to create a safe space for the community and drug users in hopes to gain control, but is it really working and beneficial?

It seems counterintuitive that in earlier times, men created rape ‘laws’ and punishments for women. Rape is not just relevant today but dates back way further than that. One of them that stuck out to me was, if you were pregnant, you weren’t raped: “Without a woman’s consent she could not conceive.” This being, absolutely out of question meaning a woman does not decide whether she can conceive or not. A 19th century gynecologist stated that,  “perfectly satisfied that no man can effect a felonious purpose on a woman in possession of her sense without her consent.” Said he: “You cannot thread a moving needle.” The last part of that really finishes it off for me. He is comparing a thread and needle to blatantly raping a woman, if she does not squirm, its not rape. There are many laws, some more recent than others, summing up that rape from a male brings consequences for the woman. The men raping these women at the time were the ones creating these laws.

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