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Is Walmart Really Going Organic and Local?

It seems counterintuitive for Walmart to state wanting to go organic and local because they are too busy making a profit. Walmart in the past has made statements about working with local farms. Unfortunately the definition of local farms is slightly skewed. What Walmart considers local is within the state. When local farm names were presented, most of them were very large operations and definitely not organic, so the image of a local fruit stand selling their fruit to Walmart wouldnt be correct. Walmart actually has a financial incentive to work more with local farms, with diesel prices rising and risk of product being damaged, is more economical for Walmart to work with local farms. As far as organic, there are not enough large operations of organic farms for Walmart to work with. Walmart is a machine created to pump out products for the public, they dont have time or the want to spend money to work with these smaller farms; especially when there’s no demand from the public.

Karachi polio killings: Vaccination workers shot

It seems counterintuitive to kill the workers who are trying to eradicate polio. Polio is an over aged endemic that could have been eradicated years ago. Pakistan remains one of the last regions containing polio. The U.N has begun a large scale polio eradication plan to end polio, but there is mass hysteria and misconception about the vaccine. No one has taken responsibility for the attack, but the Taliban has repeatedly made threats to the poll workers. The president has condensed the incident, and supports the vaccine, but the attackers are still at large. Because of the reticent incidents of violence, numbers of vaccinations have dropped significantly.   

Hidden’ species may be surprisingly common

It seems counterintuitive to trust past research on animals because we are not sure what species was being studied. With new evidence of cryptic species (animals that were thought to be genetically identical in which actually are not), past research inquiring how many species there are in certain regions might not be as accurate. For example it was thought in Africa there were two different types of elephants, the african elephant, and the african bush elephant. Now with new testing there are approximately ten species of elephants. It was originally thought that cryptic species were mostly located in the tropical region among reptiles and insects. With testing we are now able to take a new look at evolutions and the construction of genetics. Researchers state that within 5 to 10 years, while looking at birds and/ or fish, we will be able to construct a calculation on how many cryptic species are in the animal kingdom. 

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