Summaries- Sonnypetro29

Gun Regulation-

It is counterintuitive that a human being can walk into a sporting goods a purchase a gun as easy as 1,2,3. Fire arms are very serious and are not simply a toy. We have seen numerous acts of fire arms being misused in horrific acts of terrorism. Many of these acts have been done by people who have unstable mental issues and not the best backgrounds.

People die by illegal guns everyday and the government needs to put in more regulations to get these illegal guns off of the streets. New Jersey has very strict gun laws that require a gun license and a background check before you can legally buy a gun in New Jersey.

States with very loose gun laws must be regulated and taking under control by our government. They need to crack down on the number of guns one person can buy in a short period of time. If gun purchases are slowed down that would mean less guns people will have in their home or possession. Less guns means less deaths caused from the misuse of fire arms.

Ethics of Three Parent Baby-

It is counterintuitive that a baby can be produced by more than 2 people. Everyone from when they where born knew that they came from a mother and father, never would you think that a baby nowadays can have 3 parents.

The United Kingdom has been given the OK to go ahead and attempt these scientific assistance in pregnancy. The thing that worries me is when science tries to play God, we do not know the long term affects of this because it has never been done on a human. If this does become successful for a long time only the rich will have access to such treatments to allow for their babies to be healthy coming out at birth.

If you could pay to have your baby come out healthy as can be I’m sure anyone would but it will cost a lot of money and make a lot of people upset if they can’t pay to have their child be perfect. This is not a good situation and scientist shouldn’t play God.

How to Armor Planes-

It is counterintuitive that we improve things that do not necessarily need to be improved. when looking at a fighter plane you want to make the lightest and most dynamic plane, you don’t want to make a big heavy plane that can’t move quick. You want to look a where the most vulnerable spots a give those the most protection. It makes sense if the plane makes back with bullet holes in it and did not have any trouble then you don’t necessarily have to worry as much about that spot. You would want to armor up where the gas is located and where the ammunition is stored, those two areas can cause a plane to crash with just one bullet hitting it.

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