1)Pizza Hut at the Pyramids

It seems counterintuitive that Pizza Hut and KFC wouldn’t be by the pyramids. Any developed nation that gives the opportunity for the people to consume their wants over their needs will have businesses move there. It’s natural for multiple billion dollar industries to try to make as much money as they can so they will put their locations around populated areas and hope people consume.

The Pyramids are a wonder of the world and a huge tourist attraction, so it should make sense that every cmopany or small buisness would want to get a prime location like near the pyramids.

People act as if this is a bad thing. Fast food is just a pleasure and the only issue it brings with it is health problems in those that eat the food on a weekly basis. There is no reason to believe that America is expanding its businesses to take over the world and corrupt the minds of people in foreign places, it’s only a business with a purpose of making profit.

2) Free Heroin to Battle Addiction

It seems counterintuitive that addicts are being giving a safe and “legal” place to do heroin, but it actually improves the situation for everyone. Regulating the addicts use and supplying them with all the needles, bands, and of course, the heroin, which allows them to focus on their life rather than just “finding their next fix.”

The program is discribed as blackmail and generally disliked by proffesionals in the rehab field whom say, “we might as well put a bullet in their head.” Perhaps they are blinded by the fact that giving a heroin addict heroin is a bad thing and ignoring the psoitvces that come from it or maybe they do know better than the people in charge of the program, but regardless it’s a great step to fixing the problem. To have the argument of the morals on which the progam lies we may see change in the system that reduces the intake of heroin over time to slowly get them off the drug.

To say that these people aren’t worth helping is a moral dilemma of it’s own but to supply the addicts and keep them high means that they are much less likely to break a car window for spare change or rob a convenience store. It makes the area safer, maybe still crazy, but still safer than what it has been and every step like that will help them amend the problem.

3) Do Tom’s Shoes Help Anybody?

It seems counterintuitive to “help” out a region by giving people who already own shoes more. It also doesn’t help from an economic standpoint. How is a tailor suppose to make money off shoes if everybody is given free ones? This issue floods markets with literal free stuff when the people who live in these areas may make their living off selling the products that are now received for free.

The buy-one-give-one motto can be skewed and warped for good or bad. Corporations could severely downgrade their product they donate or may even donate to an unknown source that is hard to track, but it also means that other companies can base what they donate off what the people need. The risk behind the buy-one-give-one is very high as most companies won’t want to donate a good portion of their product and production time so they will find ways to make it more efficient and costly because the product is free, you get what you paid for. What seems to be a simple generous offer is actually harmful to the areas they help and it makes you question whether the motto is for peoples benefit or just to make the company look better.

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