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Student Wealth and Achievement:

It seems counterintuitive that no matter how wealthy a student is, it does not make them academically competitive on an international scale. With the amount of wealth these kids possess, it can possibly be inferred that they would put it to good use for their education. They should be able to attend competitive schools, obtain more advanced technology, and greater academic resources. However, their test results indicate differently. This outcome is particularly evident when comparing test scores with financially disadvantaged students. For example, the scores obtained by the rich students were not that much higher than the scores obtained by the low-income students. This illustrates that the most affluent students did not take advantage of academic resources, which could have been afforded by their finance status.

Clean Girls Get Sicker?:

It seems counterintuitive that girls who practice more cleanliness than boys are more prone to acquiring illnesses. In this regard, boys are given the freedom to play outside and expose themselves to germs found in soil, whereas girls are more likely to stay away from uncleanly environments. This is because the girls’ activities are regarded by society to be restricted to cleanliness and less rigorous situations, while boys are more of exposure to active and rigorous situations. Girls are more likely to be monitored and be less exposed to germs and bacteria than boys. This aspect of exposure tends to be a protective mechanism that parents expose on their daughter while boys are not so restricted monitored. By doing so, girls have developed a weaker immune system, while boys due to exposure have developed a stronger immune system. In this regard, girls have become more vulnerable to developing illnesses, such as allergies and asthma.

Free Heroin to Battle Addiction:

It seems counterintuitive that the most effective way to prevent drug addiction is by continuing to prescribe heroin. In the city of Vancouver, Canada, the town has failed to resolve drug addiction. Therefore, a program was developed, which provides heroin in a controlled manner with the intention of minimizing uncontrolled addiction. While the program’s initial plan was to help drug addicts recover from their addiction by providing alternative drugs (e.g., methadone and suboxone), drug addicts continue to be non-compliant to these substitutes. Therefore, doctors have had no choice but to provide controlled doses of heroin since drug addicts are more compliant with this type of treatment. This type of intervention has allowed a reduction in crimes and prostitution, which has allowed Vancouver to have control of the addiction problem.

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