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1.Do Multivitamins Really Work?

It seems counterintuitive that a product full of essential nutrients is in fact found to be more harmful than beneficial. Multivitamins are marketed towards both children and adults to provide them with the vitamins they may be lacking from their daily diet.

There is an appeal towards multivitamins that look like candy, such as gummy bears, which further influences people to purchase them for themselves and/or their children. As long with that marketing tactic, companies advertise the vitamins and preventative of chronic diseases, such as cancers and heart disease, which has been found to not be true at all.

The whole basis of multivitamins is sold to an audience that doesn’t really need them. Most diets that people consume allow them to receive their essential vitamins in one way or another, even if theres unhealthy sugars and such going along with them. The consumption of the vitamins is actually harming the consumers that are already healthy. Vitamins have upper limits that are dangerous when crossed, and for people that eat/drink their fair share of vitamins, the extra supplement is pushing them over that limit.

2. Free Heroin to Battle Addiction

It seems counterintuitive that heroin addicts are given heroin for free by health officials in order to control their addiction. These addicts are failed attempts to become clean using other programs and combative drugs. Their heroin addiction has proven it is not going anywhere and despite efforts they lose their fight.

Instead of letting these addicts fend for themselves and wrecking havoc on the city, Insite is a safe zone for them to go shoot up. They nurture their cravings in a clean environment with pure heroin rather than buying it from the streets and using needles from who knows where. Addicts have unpredictable behaviors, but one thing that is predictable is that without drugs they will be dangerous to themselves and others. One way or another they will get drugs eventually no matter what they have to do for money. The free heroin avoids their need to do unlawful or dangerous acts for money.

If the heroin addicts were just left to the street they would have a poor quality of life until the day they die of most likely an overdose or a bad batch. By providing them with some stability they can lead somewhat normal lives and do things such as work a steady job. Without the constant craving and wondering where the drugs will come from next they can focus on other things. Even though the drugs are still harmful to them, the risk of them being harmful to society is minimized.

3. Surviving The Shower

It seems counterintuitive that that a low risk task performed on a daily basis is actually something we should be careful about doing. You never give much thought to what you do in your everyday routine and leave much of it to habit. When the odds of a freak accident and something going wrong are so low you tend not to worry about because you’re not going to be who makes the odds true.

But doing something often increases your odds of something going terribly wrong. If you drive once a month your risk of an accident is low, despite a lack of driving skill and experience that would come with that. If you drive everyday you may be a more experienced driver, but you’re exposing yourself to the chance of an accident many more times. This is how your every day tasks become risky.

For someone that is young and can recover from injury quicker the risk that comes with showering is still low. If they were to fall it might hurt but for the most part they would be fine. For someone that is older in age and has a more fragile body falling in the shower can do serious damage. So not only do you need to be worried about simple everyday tasks, but depending on your age (and possibly health), some tasks may be even more riskier than you could’ve imagine.

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