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It seems counterintuitive that the best solution a city belonging to a first world country could come up with for the fight against drug addiction would be to directly supply the addicts with the drugs. Vancouver Canada, rated one of the most beautiful cities in the world, has, just like any other city would, an underlying drug problem. One such drug that is particularly big is heroin. Heroin is extremely addictive and very hard to quit so officials in Vancouver believe that the best thing to do is to give it to addicts for free. Most people would argue that this is the exact opposite of what the city should be doing to fight drug addiction. Pacific Northwest Correspondent for Al Jazeera, Allen Schauffler would respond to that argument by explaining how keeping addicts supplied with the drug makes them less likely to have to sell their bodies or commit crimes just to get their next fix. That fixes the problem of crimes related to drugs but doesn’t exactly make any progress towards reducing drug addiction at all.


It seems counterintuitive that keeping young girls from getting dirty and exposing them to germs would make them more sick. One would normally think that the cleaner you are the less likely you are to get sick. This is actually not the case. Researchers have come to the conclusion that children who are exposed to more germs are less likely to contract asthma, allergies and autoimmune disorders when they grow older. This is because being exposed to more germs early on in your life, helps build up an immunity to certain allergens and diseases. And during childhood boys are usually not the most hygienic and will get dirty while girls are always told to stay clean and look pretty. This is why women have a higher rate of asthma, more likely to have allergies and autoimmune disorders. Still though, thinking about it logically, one would assume that having better hygiene would go hand in hand with having better health, but to an extent, this really isn’t true.


It seems counterintuitive that an herbicide used to kill off weeds so crops could thrive would create unkillable weeds that would be detrimental to the health of crops. This is exactly what happened with the herbicide known as Roundup. In 1993, Monsanto’s Roundup petitioned to the USDA to deregulate their herbicide. In 1996 the company got what they wanted and their herbicide was now being used among a countless number of farms. Everything went completely fine at first but as more and more of the herbicide was being used, weeds started developing an immunity to the poison. This created what people refer to as “Superweeds”, weeds that are almost unkillable to any food safe herbicide. So in the struggle to get rid of one problem for farmers, Roundup just ended up creating a much larger one.

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