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It seems counterintuitive that babies are first learning when they are in the womb and not when they are birthed. Annie Murphy explains that fetal learning prepares the baby for the world they will be entering once they are born. The nine month process of molding and shaping the fetus in the womb is way more important than what society thinks. Much of what the pregnant women encounter in their daily life, like the air they breathe, the food that they eat, and even the emotions they feel, are shared in some fashion with the fetus. 

In one experiment, a group of pregnant mothers were asked to drink a lot of carrot juice in their third trimester while another group of pregnant mothers were asked to just drink water. Once the babies were born, the mothers gave their children cereal with carrot juice while the mothers that only drank water, gave their children carrot juice cereal as well. The babies that had carrot juice in their third trimester seemed to enjoy it more based on their facial expressions and the babies who only drank water in the womb did not like the cereal at all. This experiment shows that the fetus has fully developed taste buds and whatever the mother is consuming, goes straight to the placenta, and also teaches the fetus what food is good for them. 

Most of society thinks that the fetus has no life inside of the womb and can not think for themselves. However, the fetus is learning how to survive. If the pregnant mother is starving and malnourished, the fetus is learning that is how they need to survive and vice versa. All people should know that the most important part of a baby’s life is all of three of their trimesters in the womb. 

It seems counterintuitive that rape has had different definitions and leniencies for hundreds of years when rape should have no leniencies at all. In some instances in history, consent of the women wasn’t even a factor for when a woman was raped. During the 13th century, rape was considered acceptable if the women was “impure” or not a virgin. Furthermore, when black women were slaves, if they were to have been rape, it would be ignored. Men and women could be put in jail for years but many women are not being justified for what their rapist has done to them in today’s world. Their are lots of cases or rape that go unnoticed by governement and should be fixed. Everyone would think that an issue that has been around for hundreds of years would be fixed by now but it hasn’t. 

It seems counterintuitive that guns, which are used to protect us, are causing more danger in America than protecting this country. A lot of Americans could agree that guns should be used to protect ourselves, but in this country, that is not always the case with everyone. Evidence suggests that firearms endanger those who own them. Interestingly, the presence of a gun in a home increases the risk of a gun murder in the home in America. Everyday, about 80 people die from guns but the government has not regulated guns in our country despite all of the tragedy that has taken place with gun violence (Kristof). Entities like cars and medicines are regulated to protect us but the most deadly weapon a citizen can use is not being regulated by the government. The government needs to regulate guns so that our country can be more safe.

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