Practice Opening – corinnebuck1219

Polio will never be eradicated due to the lack of knowledge surrounding the disease. For example, Bashar al- Assad, President of Syria, actually withheld vaccines against polio and other deadly diseases from his people. Polio mostly affects children younger than 5; having this disease leads to partial paralysis, and in severe cases, death. Outside of the United States, other countries do not crackdown on these diseases and viruses (such as polio and measles) as well, making leaving America while not vaccinated a risk to contract a deadly disease. Polio is contracted through the mouth, and is grown in the intestines. The virus is spread through fecal matter, making it common in countries where they do not practice good hygiene. On the other hand, the vaccine can be spread the same exact way. 95% of vaccine recipients will be protected from the disease for life off 3 simple doses. That 95% would be enough to eradicate the disease, but only if everyone was required to get the vaccine.

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