Why Does the Universe Exist?


The reason that the universe exists is because the entity that created the universe wanted plastic, but did not have the means to make plastic. Although we are unsure what the entity wanted the plastic for, it is clear that it was for something very important considering that he/she created an entire universe just to acquire it. Many speculate that the entity wanted to make entire new planets out of plastic. It is known that Earth has done the best job at producing the plastic, but the enormous overflow of plastic production will lead to the downfall of Earth. 


I believe that the universe exists to create God. Instead of the other way around, every material known to the universe makes up a component of God. Every human life on Earth makes up a part of God’s brain, and since each human existence is unique, the combined knowledge and experience of trillions of people would mold the mind of an all knowing and all powerful being. If there is sentient life on other planets, they would also be included as part of God’s brain. God would have the abilities of every animal, and Its body made from every substance.


The universe exist because it has a given purpose. I think that God created the universe to reflect his image which means that everything around us shows us who he is. He can reveal himself through life circumstances or even simply just looking at nature. In a biblical perspective, God calls human beings to reign over the world and to live our lives telling other people who are without hope about his reign over us. I think the universe is temporary and he is giving all of mankind a chance to find him. Heaven or hell will be our eternity. 


As humans, we are curious by nature. When pondering the existence of something as vague as the universe, we are left with bare theory. The universe is not a tangible object; you cannot measure it nor observe it in its entirety. As a result, the universe we know is nothing more than a mere concept. Each individual experiences the universe and reality in a different way. No two perceptions are alike but neither are invaild. When one cannot objectively observe something it makes it extremely challenging to study. The only reason the universe exists is because we believe it does.


The universe is just a social experiment. It doesn’t matter who put us here. Maybe there’s a God or maybe this is all one big simulation, but that pertains to the question of “how” and not “why.” The purpose of the universe is to see what creatures will do once inside it. Someone thought it would be funny to drop trillions of sentient life-forms on a single rock in space to find out if they could coexist or if everything would descend into chaos. It’s Lord of the Flies. We are merely the guinea pigs of something greater than us. 


The universe exists because we exist. Without humans to fathom it the universe cannot exist. An animal is no different than an oxygen molecule because they cannot come to understand the intricacies of the world around them or why they exist. Perhaps more universes exist within each particle of our own, but we cannot see or touch or smell any of it, so it can’t exist until we can experience it. However, humans exist to better humanity not progress or understand the universe so it cannot be said that we ever will understand the infinite space that we reside in.


While looking into a child’s ant farm, we see them moving busily, working with a goal in mind. As we zoom out, we see humans doing the same. Don’t humans start to resemble ants as well, while continuing to expand the view of our world?  We represent a small speck of the universe, playing out each and every part of our roles. It could be for the purpose of amusement, or for the purpose of fascination. Either way we are being watched. The question is not why does the universe exist, but who is the owner of the ant farm.


I believe the universe exists because God has a sister who created a universe of her own first. She would brag about how amazing it was and how smart she is.  Being jealous, he wanted to try to create a universe that was better to prove that he was smarter and could be more successful. That plan failed the minute Eve ate the apple, and unfortunately we now live in a world with imperfect humans, violence, and pain. His sisters universe has been perfect since day one and that is why girls always have been and always will  be better.


It’s a paradox. I believe in God. Yet, there is a huge mystery for me because believing in God isn’t a reason to negate the universe’s mysterious process. I find it important to have different perspectives, even if it’s too bigot, because this is how we start brainstorming. For me, the universe keeps its mystery and it’s not a bad thing. It shows how the universe was created as an appropriate place for us. Humans like exploring, but they like mysteries more than exploring itself. Maybe this is the reason, the universe exists for us to explore why it exists?


Why does the universe exist? The solution is quite simple, there is no real answer. This is because when an answer is thought to be found, one can then ask why the thing that was thought to be the answer exists. For example, if someone claims that the universe exists because God created it, the original question can then be transferred to God, why does he exist. It becomes an infinite trail of questioning existences, all leading back to the original question, why does the universe exist. No matter what one may believe, there never will be a real answer.


Why does the universe exist? We as humans feel the need to ask these epistemological questions because we seek answers about our surroundings. Issac Newton developed the three laws of motion for this same reason. The philosophers of Ancient Greece did nothing but conceptualize the world around them because they needed to know why it was this way. Even with these great philosopher’s theories, this question has no concrete answer and there most likely won’t be. The universe exists because it feels like it and it is humans that have manifested it into something more complicated than it actually is. 


The universe exists for one purpose. A simple form of entertainment. A reality show. Whoever is up there, looking down at us, needs some form of enjoyment in their lives, and what better way to do so.  Everyone loves a little drama, and everything gets a little bit better when you can oversee anyone’s daily lives below you. A full life cycle from birth till death is an action packed series to the higher power watching from above. There is no bounds to what can be seen. Who knows, we could be in the middle of an episode right now.

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