As years go by things change. Things that we like and dislike change just how life works. Prices for goods and services vary based on the month, year, and possibly even day. This is why many think it is necessary to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. For many it’ll be beneficial to help support their families, or even themselves in certain situations. Poverty, another big topic that has relation to minimum wage is the key reason why this is the talk. In our economy there have been talks of raising the wages to $15 per hour. In 2017 Loriggio states, “The government wrapped up nearly two weeks of public consultations on proposed legislation that would, among other things, raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, require equal pay for part-time workers and expand personal emergency leave.” As people cheer in the streets for this dramatic incline we’ll see in our pay, others weep. However now these low skilled workers can get out of poverty and start a new life. Wrong. This is just one of the misconceptions that happen with the debate of minimum wage. In full, the debate has been talked about for years. There are many pros like it will help get rid of poverty.

Poverty is a constant cycle that goes around and around, and truly never ends. One is born in it and sometimes, but barely thrives. The people in New York living in the ‘slums’ are tough people. They are hardworking and usually look for anyway to make money. Whether that be manual labor or whatever means necessary. In New York these changes are already being put in place. These increases can be seen in paychecks as soon as 2020. As Vaughn states, “”New York proudly set an example for the nation by raising the minimum wage to $15,” Cuomo said in a statement. “The fight for economic justice for our working families continues, and we won’t stop until every New Yorker is paid the fair wages they deserve.”” As bills get passed Cuomo is loving the people of New York and only promises good things. However, is it true that it is only good things to come? Not only does Cuomo make promises that maybe hard to keep, but he has hope and that is enough for people to believe. This right here is what the ‘American Dream’ is about and Cuomo is promising them that.

Another great reason why minimum wage is being raised is to tie into poverty. In a way some owners and managers have their thoughts too, “”Raising the minimum wage raises standards for all workers,” said Stuart Appelbaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, in a statement.” Not only is the raising of paychecks from the start is going to get you to work, but it will motivate you to do better work as well. This out of many things is ridiculous. Money does drive people, however when these business owners are paying these people they’re going to realize that some workers might have to go. Leaving unemployment to raise with all the other cons to that follow letting people go.

Vaughn, N. (2018, Apr 23). Higher minimum wage has pros, cons. Press & Sun-Bulletin Loriggio, P. (2017, Jul 22). Minimum wage pros, cons argued. Waterloo Region Record

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