Visual Rhetoric- Jets1313


shows a well lit convenient store named Jiffy during nighttime which seems to have no customers outside or in the store. large half lit clown sign outside in the front of the stores parking lot holding a circular sign that says jiffy

0:01- 0:02

young lady causally dressed with short hair in the convent store placing money on the counter to give to clerk presumably to buy something in the back

0:03 – 0:04

African American old lady face which seems to have a look of worry or concern in it. She is the cashier of the convenient store

0:05 – 0:09

Young lady staring at money placed on the corner her face seems to be worried and in shock. she continuously to stare at the counter as if their is a problem with the money she gave. It cuts back to a close up of the African American ladies face who’s seems to be worrisome as well. they continue to stare at each other holding a look of concern

0:10 – 0:15

Young white lady begins to raise hand toward the right side of her face looking very nervous/afraid in the background behind the cashier who’s face also seems to be very frightened and shocked about what is taking place, you can see blurred out packs of cigarettes. Looking from the perspective as if you where behind the young lady with the short hair you can see her slowly peel the skin off her right cheek while the cashier watches. As she is peeling off her skin she’s is slowly peeling off her skin she seems to be in pain.

0:16 – 0:18

The young lady face seems to be disgusted in what she just did. she puts the piece of her own cheek on top of the cash that was already on the counter. Her face remains in constant of what seems to be sadness

0:19 – 0:20

Looking from being the girls head as if you where a customer behind her. The African lady cashier is staring directly at the young lady. face is remarkably calm as if she did not witness this young girl rip a chunk of her skin off. The cashier may be in sock. Also the background behind the cashier is now clear and you can the pack of cigarets lined up behind her

0:21 – 0:23

Cashier grabs money and piece of the young lady skin and gives over a pack of cigarettes. The young lady does not make eye contact with the cashier and sadly takes the pack of cigarettes


Zooms in on the cashiers face as she says something to lady who she sold the pack of cigarettes to.

0:25 – 0:27

camera angled form behind the cashier and the register. The young lady walks away from the counter with her purchased cigarettes as the cashier watches

0:28 – 0:30

Outside the convent store same angle as the the Beginning of the ad slowly zooming out. Big bold letter on the top left of the screen that reads “the real cost” implying what is the cost of smoking cigarettes

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