Enough About You-rowanstudent

Money seems to have a big role in our society; we can’t do much if we don’t have any. What really affects society is the social standings it creates. The poor may think the rich have life easier since they have all this money, but what the poor don’t understand is these money-abundant people may go through the same world problems as the less fortunate. Money may have value when you need it in certain situations, but as the saying goes “money can’t buy happiness”. Money is valuable in different ways, even when we don’t see it physically. In today’s society, we must have faith in the government and in the banking system that our money is being handled in the proper manner. Money is simple; we either have some or we don’t. However, being introduced to this assignment, the Yap Fei, US gold, French francs, Brazilian cruzeros, and debit accounts now seem similar. We don’t actually see our money being transferred. When we get paid, we aren’t handed cash, we don’t receive a physical check, the money’s all directly transferred to our bank account, and we just have to trust that we got more money.

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