Causal–Daphne Blake

I’m researching the effects of ocean pollution and its relation to micro plastics that break down into the ocean over time from larger plastics. My hypothesis is that making edible straws will decrease ocean pollution by reducing the amount of plastic waste and by being a gateway environmental breakthrough that will lead to either more edible objects that was once recyclable material or raising awareness to the point that better ideas may be proposed. My causal essay is based on the idea that the severe effects of ocean pollution is not only a detriment to sea life, but is the cause of a direct negative impact on the national financial state. Polluting the ocean pollutes the world’s economy.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    You’ve already focused your attention on several Causal arguments, Daphne, so let me offer a tip on just one. I love the Gateway Environmental Breakthrough angle, especially since it keeps your thesis small and manageable. You can concentrate on the straws instead of every other type of trash and effluent that might end up in the ocean. You’ll want some evidence to support your claim that starting small can succeed in growing a larger awareness and a global effort. For THAT, I want you to NOT focus on the straw. You probably won’t find support for the breakthrough value of eliminating plastic straws. But you WILL find support for the underlying theory that small changes break down resistance, influence behaviors, and encourage movements.

    In twelve seconds, using the Google Scholar search you’ll see in the Search field, I found one that might work. It’s about forest herbicides, but that’s my point. The particulars are unimportant. The example, expanded to illustrate your Breakthrough Theory, is what you’re looking for. If this source is not perfect, another 12 seconds will probably yield you better results.

    Do you find these notes helpful, Daphne? I’d love to have your reactions.

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