Open Strong-Chavanillo

  1. Obsession is a big issue these days, causing violence, especially when it has to do with sneakers. If you calculate 1200 people each day die of sneaker obsession. Teens see sneakers as if it was gold. This reason is the instrumental of why teens dies, especially African American. As you know Hispanics and Blacks are the lowest income class. So, they start robbing stealing and even end up killing them. Obsession with sneakers touches the fact that a sneaker made by leather and rubber could cause a disruption between each other. When is this violence going to stop?
  2. Fashioned as been a big trend these days. When it has to do with cloth, make-up, jewelry, and especially sneakers. Fashioned is so trendy today that sneakers are even use as a safety measure. According to R. Poole in his article “Bullied Out of Research”, 46% of teachers witness the bullying who did not have the right brand. This is the reason why teens are buying this expensive shoe wear to not be in the dork list. Also, parents are thinking of how many things is going to be around their kids, but even they say that at the end is the same thing because they are going to be end up getting bit up. Sneakers touches teens emotions and likes making themselves buy more and more to not get bullied by other teens. They also, must be careful on what they were because even putting a sneaker that doesn’t show who you are people will try to laugh at you too. At the end teens are bullied because they aren’t wearing the right sneakers or because they are cheap.



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