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“The Bosch tool uses a sensing circuit that’s similar to the one SawStop patented years ago, but not identical.” This is comparing the tool created by Bosch and the SawStop. When the claim maker inserted the word similar the claim turned into an analogy. An analogy is when you’re claiming a similarity of one thing to another.

Delighted Customers

“Anyone who has used a table saw for any period of time is aware.” This is claiming that people who have invested in a table saw for a long period of time are aware of the safety issues that come with them. This demonstrates a casual claim because it’s basically saying because of one thing it makes the next thing true.

Consumer Safety Advocates

“We also know, based on the estimates from staff’s special studies that far more serious injuries are occurring all too often.” This claim is a Comparative Claim. Compares the safety hazard of serious injuries in people that don’t use the saws to the people that actually do use them. Evidence shows that there are more injuries that are occurring more often when using saws. This can also be an Evaluative Claim.

Table Saw Injury Lawyer

“For more than a decade, flesh-sensing safety technology has been available that could prevent almost all table saw injuries.” This is claiming that the flesh-sensing safety technology will automatically prevent all table saw injuries. This claim falls into the causal claim category. It makes an assumption that the injuries will stop if manufacturers would accept flesh-sensing technology.

Steve Gass

“It’s a lot like a touch lamp.” This is claiming that the touch lamp is similar to the SawStop invention. They both give off signals in your body. This is also an analogy claim. It’s comparing two different objects to give a better understanding of the audience.

Massachusetts Plaintiff

“the absence of the technology constitutes a dangerous design defect.” The plaintiff is using “judgment” to get his/her point across on how dangerous the saws are. The plaintiff is evaluating the quality of the item by inserting his judgment, which is called an Evaluative Claim.

Black&Decker Executive

“If you guys don’t cooperate with us, the industry is going to get together and squish you.” This is saying that if you don’t do what we say then you will face consequences of that action. This has to be a Proposal Claim. The executive is giving Gass an option, but basically, its telling him he must do it because if he doesn’t he will lose.

News Reporter

If Table Saws Can Be Safer, Why Aren’t They? This Is using judgment because of the fact that you must experience what the saw can do before you actually judge it. This is an Evaluative Claim or Ethical claim because it makes a claim that if the saws were able to be safe, why are people still getting hurt today.

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