White Paper-chavanillo

Hypothesis 1 
Why teen this day she shoes as if it was gold or money?

Hypothesis 1a
Why tees this day are so obsessed with sneakers?

Purposeful Summary:

It seems counterintuitive that teens these days are obsessed with sneakers. This is a way to express their individuality and not be bullied. This is also a way to tell us who they are as a person. This is what happening.

The one pair of sneakers tells people what we are into. Is the base of who you are as a person. It could be basketball, volleyball, skateboarding, hip-hop, and more, but the obsession with sneakers comes deeper because having cool sneakers is a safety issue: You will get beat up and look like a dork. Mothers in the other hand had been under the impression that cool sneakers make you a target for thieves! Teens totally understand this, but they say that is the same thing has if you have cheap sneakers you also will get beat up. What’s the difference, thieves beat you up and take the sneakers and in school teens beat you up just because you are wearing cheap sneakers. 

              There is way for parents to put boundaries on their kids’ obsession of sneakers by putting them in a budget to set a limit on how much you are willing to pay spend in sneakers. If the teen wants to spend more, he just going to have use his allowance or get a part time job. Another idea to control their obsession is by offering trades. If you trade your rights for your birthday one year, in exchange for helping you buy the sneakers of your dreams. This is a way of offering trades.

Purposeful Summary:


Teens these days see sneakers as precious as if it was gold. This is a way for them to be busy and worry about other things. Are a waste of money and you might not believe this, but teens have a pair of sneakers for each occasion?

When it comes to the sneakers and teens they buy them without needing them. Having expensive cool sneakers will take you off the list. Because of this reason kids this day are experts in sneaker culture. Not only teens are obsessed with the sneakers but the boxes also. Is a way to so respect to the brand and sneakers. They see them as an authentic part of the heirloom sneakers collection. 

All of this started with basketball starts, and the roots of skateboarders. With sneakers teens can print their own name in the back of the sneakers having a personal unique cool sneaker. This all happen in online orders. This day’s sneakers are a way to express yourself. It tells you who you are and what you like. 

Purposeful Summary:


Sneakers are fashion that every teen can relate too. Shoe is a world that parents hardly understand. They just must take the time and really know the reason behind all of this. Sneakers are becoming more than just shoes.

Sneakers is a fashion that teens could participate in without being teased. Everyone have their own unique style therefore sneakers are a big thing. When you walk into foot locker that is a shoe store. The first thing that they are going to ask you what your colors are. I could be embarrassed because is like a thing teen supposed to know. Now sneakers you could look at them as if what teens need not want. A perfect example is food. When you go to a restaurant they ask you what platter you’re interested in. You already know what kind of food they have having the opportunity to know all of it. We need food, but when it comes to picking what you like to eat that already becomes what you want. Same thing with sneakers you need shoes to not be bared foot but when it comes to the type of sneakers that’s when it becomes what you want not need. 

Sneakers like Nike and Adidas cost from $170 to $250. Teens especially boys, often judge who has the right to wear these expensive shoes. For teens wearing this kind of sneakers and not having your own athletically, they are going to make fun of you in your face or talk behind your back. As you can see having expensive sneakers or not there always going to be safety issues. One way or another

Purposeful Summary:


Imaging 1,200 people getting killed every year just because of sneakers. Sneakers being a to save us from being barefooted to becoming a problematic issue. Being obsessed with sneakers causing even more problems than we ever thought was going to happen. How can a fabric, a material could kill 1,200 people each year in a metaphorical way? This is what really happening in the world now. 

Americans are willing to kill each other for shoes. We could say that sneakers are motivating and increasing deaths overtime. Companies all over the world tried to fix this problem by changing the time of purchase from midnight to morning to reduce the amount of deaths, but they realize that the deaths are not occurred during the launches is after people buy them. 

Most of the victims of these crimes are disproportionately young, black man. As you can see sneakers are taking the role of the same level that money is. This days for teens sneakers are as much important as money and life. They like need it to survive. The thing that hurts more is that there is no good answer to fix this problem. 

Purposeful Summary:

https://search-proquest com.ezproxy.rowan.edu/docview/1507641414/fulltext/4B567811E2174256PQ/1?accountid=13605

If you look at sneakers in a educated way you could conclude that is a product that can be change in many different ways. They could be bought, selled, or trade. I believe this i one of the reasons why teens are obsessed with sneakers this days. 

Hype is a big reason why people are buying shoes from other customers through Facebook, eBay, and other social media. By doing this they be getting a approximately of 18,000 to 20,000 by just reselling the shoes in this social media pages. Making them win more money by customers having debate of who going to get it. So, it leaves to the owner’s choice to put the price up and who is willing to pay more money and that’s how you find a winner. Therefore, is called a hype up because at first, they put it as cheap, but because everyone wants it at the end it could even turn more expensive than if you would’ve bought the shoe at its original price. 

This sneaker obsession is more common on males then on females. Is like boys is sneakers and girl’s obsession in make-up. Sneakers in this age has become a symbol status than any other product for urban males. Michael Jordan was the start of sneakers obsession. He was the father of the sneakerhead culture. 

The hype of preceding online purchase as decrease on going to stores, but this doesn’t stop kids or teens from lining up early in the morning for sneakers. Especially is they are limited or there only an exact amount made. It could be a first come first serve situation.

Purposeful Summary:
Digital dressing up: modelling female teen identity in the discursive spaces of the fashion blogosphere

Teens have dedicated their life to the internet web. Making blogs that will show their personal life and say all of their thoughts.

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3 Responses to White Paper-chavanillo

  1. davidbdale says:

    You’ve gathered some fascinating sources here, Chavanillo, and informed your clueless professor about a cultural phenomenon he didn’t realize was so important. So far your sources are popular, not academic, and for the most part your evidence and material is primarily anecdotal. I’m not sure yet what you will do for a specific persuasive thesis, but the way forward is always to continue your research until you discover the surprising aspect of your topic that your readers NEED to know about. I’m going to try in additional Replies to guide you toward some sources that will help.

    Of course, as we have discussed, we have the fluency issue that perplexes me. I’m going to seek some guidance on how to balance your academic performance with the obvious challenge of helping you achieve more proficiency in your new language.


  2. davidbdale says:

    To cite just one example of why you’ll need better sources, Chavanillo, the story “1200 People are Killed Each Year over Sneakers” doesn’t offer a single detail about those deaths EXCEPT that they INVOLVE sneakers. Frankly, it’s hard to imagine 1200 instances of human beings who had to be murdered in order to take possession of their shoes. So, what does this number mean? Were teens, for example, shot to make stealing their shoes easier? Did they fight back when someone tried to rob them of their shoes and suffer extreme violence when the struggle got out of hand? Your source doesn’t help us understand its primary claim in any way. You see the problem, I hope. The number serves no purpose in drawing conclusions. We can’t use it to gain any knowledge about a terrible social situation without SOME CLUE about what exactly causes all these deaths.


  3. davidbdale says:

    1, I did a ProfSearch at Rowan’s Campbell Library database for: “clothing status” +youth +violence.
    That’s a VERY SPECIFIC search, so I wasn’t surprised to get few results. The one that seems to be gold is this: https://search-proquest-com.ezproxy.rowan.edu/docview/267458330?pq-origsite=summon
    The title is: “Dying to be this fashionable: Price tag for status clothing climbs to grim new high for students: [1* Edition]”

    2. I did a Google Scholar search for an equally specific request: +youth +”social pressure” +”status symbol” +clothing +psychology
    Even though I was asking for results from more specific matches, I got more than 150 results. Try that search yourself and see what you find. One good hit was:
    A study of 555 teens to determine the pressures they face to embrace status brands.
    From the abstract:

    The main purpose of this study is to increase understanding of teenagers’ self perception on attitudes toward luxury brands. The study investigates how social consumption motivations affect teenagers’ attitudes toward luxury brands, how teens’ self concepts can influence social consumption motivations, and whether peer pressure affects this relationship. The study also examines the effects of materialism on teenagers’ social consumption motivations and attitudes toward luxury brands. The total sample consisted of 558 teenagers between the ages of 12 and 19 (grades 7 through 12). Hypotheses were tested using structural equation modeling. This study demonstrates that materialistic orientation is a powerful force in developing positive attitudes toward luxury brands. Teenagers who have clear versus cloudy self-beliefs have a strong tendency to resist social motivations to consume because the clearer they are about themselves, the less they attend to external sources and stimuli.

    The combination of actual reports of violent encounters over sneakers, plus a sociological study that tries to investigate the importance of high-status fashion should give you a start on some sort of thesis you can explore and develop, Chavanillo.

    Keep building up your store of sources here and keep me up to date about your progress. Put this post back into the “Feedback Please” category whenever you have progress to report (or additional questions).


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