White Paper-NYAJ31

1a. The Baseball Hall of Fame should include players who have done wrong in eyes of the baseball world, but put an askrisk next to their name with a description of their wrong doing.

This can apply to Steriloid users or even to players who have committed crimes or felonies. Even though they may have gone against the rules or law, some players still did have many great accomplishments. It is hard to not put players like Pete Rose and Barry Bonds in the hall of fame.

I am extremely confident with this hypothesis. It is not too specific but not too broad. If I were too specific and said just steroid users than people would ask me, well what about a guy like Pete rose? If I were too broad I wouldn’t have a way to incorporate them. I believe an askerisk is he best way, otherwise you would have to put the players in separate sections and then you would have a million sections for something wrong everyone did. Overall I can prove in a 3000 word essay that this is he best way to go about this on going problem in the baseball community.

Sources: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/baseball/how-should-baseballs-hall-of-fame-be-dealing-with-ped-users/article37043700/



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  1. davidbdale says:

    I’m glad to see your confidence, NYAJ, and I will be pleased to share it when I start to see how you’ll incorporate academic sources into your References mix. You may not find scholars who have spent time and words on your very specific topic of the Baseball Hall of Fame, but undoubtedly there are plenty of sources that have studied Fame, and Awards, and Qualifications/Disqualifications for them. Have Nobel prizes been rescinded for non-scientific failings of their recipients? Just as an example. Do some preliminary searching before Wednesday’s class, please, and see what you come up with. Share what you find. If it seems you need further prompting, I’ll be the right person to ask for more assistance.

    Responding to my Feedback is always a good idea. So is asking for more at any time.


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