Apple’s FaceTime Bug:

It seems counterintuitive that Apple was notified of a bug that made it so you could see through other people’s phones through FaceTime. It was not until after a week that they were notified that they acted on debug to try a make an attempt to fix it. The bug was going all far too long. The one 14 year old boy who found it could have done it many times. Imagine how many other people it happened to that said nothing!

Armored Planes

It seems counterintuitive that in World War II, many planes were shot down and destroyed. There is possibility that this could have been prevented if we had armored our planes. It is said that “Those who don’t have bullet holes make it back.” You only see that planes come back without bullet holes because the ones that do have been shot down. With armoring planes, we could save many lives as well as fight harder and stay in battle longer if it were ever necessary.

Gun Regulations:

It seems counterintuitive that this specific article goes over the good and bad of having the ability to buy your own guns. In my personal opinion I believe that guns should be legal, but you should not be allowed to buy a machine gun or any semi automatic/automatic gun. There is really no reason to have one. People who use it for self defense do not need one. People who use it for hunting do not need one. Some people will just have to suck it up that you cannot buy your own. If you really feel the need to use one then go to the shooting ranger and use one there. There is no reason to buy one.

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