Purposeful Summaries

Apples Facetime Bug

It seems counterintuitive and simply unprofessional for a multinational company such as apple to simply miss and release a product with a flaw in its widely used face time that has the potential to break national security.

on January 19, a 14 year old boy made a fighting discovery while using apples group facetime, he found that he was able to spy on his friends phone without him even answering. Michele Thompson, the mother of this 14 year old boy, vigorously reached out to apple to notify of them of this problem. But it wasn’t until a week later that apple finally disabled group facetime. Apples slow reaction time to fixing a problem of this scale only increased customers concern with the company’s security efforts.

Apple a company that continuously claims of there technological safety, seems to have dropped the ball tremendously. And if an issue with the magnitude to cripple national security can slip through apple, it brings about the question, what other problems have gone undetected within apple’s products? apples inability to spot problems or bugs can lead to father exploitation by hackers, leaving the security and privacy of its customers in jeopardy.

Why keeping girls quaky clean can make them sick:

It seems counterintuitive but evidently true that Girls constant cleanliness could be the reason for higher rates of certain illnesses in women later on in life.

The theory known as the hygiene hypothesis explains the idea that younger girls are held to higher standard of cleanliness than boys, and are not exposed to the same germs and bacteria as them, leading to higher rate of illness in the future.

Women have higher rates of asthma, are more likely to have allergies, and are affected three times more by autoimmune disorders than men. This can be due to the Lack of exposure to germs by girls. Further Researchers are even suggesting the lack of exposure to parasites may be the cause for an increased rate of crohn’s disease in western nations.

The generalizations made between girls and boys can undoubtedly be related to boys increase of exposure. Girls are usually restricted to cloths not suited for outside play. Also girls are usually monitored more by parents during play decreasing the chance of them actually getting dirty.

As a matter of fact boys actually have higher rates of asthma than girls. The belief is that at their young age they are exposed to things that might inflator their immune system. So early boys have higher rates, but after puberty it is girls that have higher rates.

Why Not Regulate Guns As Seriously As Toys:

It seems counterintuitive and yet surprising that guns would be considered more dangerous in a developed and civilized country such as America.

The United States is currently flooded with guns. There are about 85 guns per 100 people in the united States, the only country topping the U.S. is Yemen a country amidst a terrorism and a growing civil war. But yet, still in America 80 people die from guns every day and several times as many as injured.

It is said that the increase purchase of guns in America is effort of being safer. As a matter of fact handgun sales in Arizona sky rocketed by 60%. But however their is and overwhelming amount of evidence that firearms actually endanger their owners. A gun in a home increases the chances of you being shot by accident, by suicide, or by homicide. And since most homicides in the home are committed by family members or friends, having a gun in the house only increases the chance of murder. Further American children are 11 times more likely to die in a gun accident than other developing countries due to the United States high prevalence of guns.

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