My Hypothesis–doorknob

Jared Goff is the worst post season NFC West quarterback to ever make it to the Super Bowl.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Interesting premise for starters, but this link will give you a good idea how many criteria you’ll need to consider before making any kind of credible case.

    Of course, to make any sense, you’ll have to decide whether you mean “the worst regular season and playoff quarterback ever to MAKE IT TO the Super Bowl” or “the worst Super Bowl quarterback,” which are two very different claims. One you can answer today if you like. The other you might not be able to make after the game is played.

    And if you want to pursue a hypothesis such as this one, you’ll need to start seeking academic sources immediately. Or start compiling your own independent research from statistical tables. You can’t make an academic argument by referring to articles in sports magazines.

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