Reflective – Dale Hamstra

Reflecting on the Core Values

Over the course of this semester, I believe that I have grown significantly as a writer. Near the beginning of the semester I was using bad grammar, writing unclearly, and leaving unfinished ideas. However, with the help of my professor I was able to greatly improve my writing skills, as well as my critical thinking skills. Throughout my work, I strongly believe that I have met the three core values for this course.

Core Value III is the ability to understand and interpret the meanings of texts. Throughout the course of the semester I have had to read texts written by other people, and be able to interpret what the author was trying to say so I could work the material into my own papers. When doing this I had to correctly interpret what the author was attempting to say in order to give them the full credit they deserve while working their ideas to my paper. Since I was able to understand and interpret what the author was saying, I was able to form solid and logical rebuttals. This is a crucial step in the writing process because it can become very easy to present a weak argument since the source material is not fully understood.

Core Value V is to be able to understand the role and use of information in writing. Information is key in writing a solid paper. Without strong information to back up what someone is writing about, the paper will end up being weak. Academic sources are strong sources of information and are necessary when writing a paper. The writer also must be sure that they are presenting truthful information to whoever may be reading. Also, if the information is false then a writer may lose the trust of his readers.

Core Value VII is to be able to understand the ethical responsibility that comes with written discourse. Accomplishing this goal was not as much of a challenge for me compared to Core Values III and VI. To accomplish this goal I made sure that any outside material that I used in my essays was properly quoted, had an in-text citation, and was listed in the works cited. This was crucial in the Research Position Paper, and also in the smaller papers, since it was required to have a significant number of sources. It is very important not to plagiarize considering that it can lead to automatic failure.

This class has taught me things that will not only help me in future classes, but it has also taught me values that I will go on to use out of college.

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1 Response to Reflective – Dale Hamstra

  1. davidbdale says:

    The theoretical explanations are fine, Dale, but like all arguments, this one would be more convincing with some actual evidence.

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