Reflective – Ally Hodgson

Comp. Two? Didn’t I learn enough in Comp. One?

I feel like I have grown as a writer since Comp. One. I’ve learned how to write a research paper and I’ve learned using a lot of quotes and no original material is not a good paper at all. My professor helped me one on one to help me improve my writing and my papers. I believe I have met the three main core values for this course.

First, value III is understanding that texts represent meaning and how reading and writing interpret meaning. Over the past semester, we’ve read articles written by other people and had to interpret them. I think that’s really important because you need to understand what people are saying and learn to break things down so you can understand them. As far as writing to interpret meaning, in this class as well as Comp. One, I learned how to make my writing better in general. This is important because it helps me interpret my feelings and help others understand what I’m trying to say.

Core Value number 5 says we need to understand the use of information in writing. As I previously stated, this was really something I got from this course. In my Causal Essay, I inadvertently posted a bunch of quotes without much of my own writing. My professor pointed this out and helped me decide what i needed to add and what was unclear. This is really important because we need our writing to represent ourselves and our own ideas as well as others’.

The last Core Value says that we understand the ethical responsibility that comes with writing. I think this comes not only in college but in one’s entire life. In college, students obviously have to be honest ethically so they don’t get in trouble with their professors or the school. But, as we grow, I think there’s not ethical responsibility; especially in published work. Some people believe everything they read. Especially in my career field, journalism, ethical responsibility is one of the most important aspects. I think I learned that in this class by looking into sources and making sure they were reliable before I used them in my writing.

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